Functions Of A Celebrity Impersonator

Functions Of A Celebrity Impersonator

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Various impersonators take up this career for different reasons. The different reasons can be for good or bad. Here are various reasons as to why a person may choose to impersonate a celebrity:

For entertainment:

This is an innocent and acceptable thing, an impersonator is allowed to entertain the public and earn what they deserve as long as he does not cause any commotions or destruction. If an impersonator is impersonating a celebrity singer, they should know their dance moves, have the same vocals and actually carry themselves in the same manner the celebrity does, if they are impersonating an actor they should possess the same skills, have same costumes as well as know how and when to make the moves, basically if an impersonator prime purpose is to entertain then they should fully act like the celebrity they are trying to impersonate so that they may not cause any mayhem to the public.

Others do it for crime purpose:

This is whereby a criminal chooses to take up a celebrity’s identity especially when they are a grade A impersonator, this is to allow them to access vital information from various institutions that will come in handy when they embark on the venture of Stalin, with this fake identity, they also get to own properties that are basically not theirs.

To cause destruction:

Some of the impersonators practice their skills not for any good but to cause fights between people, make people draw apart and create hate between them, this is to enable them earn money or political power.

Others are used as decoys:

These are impersonators that have been hired. Their mandate is to entertain the public during an even not exactly to entertain them but to misguide all those watching them; the public may be misled while at the same time enjoying the speech or action.

Before taking up a career one should be passionate about it and be fully aware of the challenges that await the and should learn various ways on how they can overcome them, after they are fully confident that impersonating in the path they need to take, then they should be given the liberty to do so.

Impersonating may not be the best of careers as one mistake while making a presentation to the public may be the end of your career or can shake your career. It requires professionals who are ready to sacrifice their sleeps to attain their goals. As much difficult as it is celebrity impersonators earn good money especially when they pick up in their career and get accepted by the public.
To be an impersonator is full of its advantages and disadvantages, here is a quick preview:

1. You gain popularity
2. You earn your way into fame
3. The more you practice the more you become an expert


1. You live with the fear of being caught
2. If you have not perfected your skills it is easier for the congregation to lose interest and walk out while making the presentation.

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