Gay Vacations To Denmark Can Prove To Be Very Exciting

Gay Vacations To Denmark Can Prove To Be Very Exciting

There are a few good reasons why it pays to plan for gay tours to Denmark and of course the main reason is that this Scandinavian nation offers its gays virtually the same rights as are available to straight Danes. In fact, gays in Denmark have some pretty extensive rights and Danes too themselves are permissive and will not look too unkindly at people with gay leanings.

In Denmark, gays are also allowed to serve in the Danish military while under the country’s laws, people are prohibited from indulging in crimes based on hate which means that even if you don’t tolerate gay lifestyles you are not allowed to take the law into your own hands and commit a crime against gays. In 1989 Danish laws allowed for marriages among gays and the parliament of that country also held discussions about various aspects of being gay.

Gays in Denmark are also permitted to join up in the Danish military and Danish law also prohibits hate crimes which means that no one can commit a crime against gays on account of the fact that they oppose gay life. The year 1989 saw Denmark legalized marriages among gays and even the Folketinget or Danish Parliament started to discuss topics such as marriages among gays, artificial insemination of lesbians and in addition they discussed providing gays with the right to even adopt children. All these facts make it obvious that it will pay to plan for gay tours to Denmark.

Copenhagen is famous for many reasons including being the capital city of Denmark and in addition it is also the capital city for gays in that country. This means that if you are gay and looking for other gays or you want to enjoy gay entertainment you will not face many difficulties in finding what you want. This city is very vibrant and its gay life is very lively and if you need help in finding gay hotspots then you should consult Lonely Planet that offers many tips and advice on being gay in Denmark.

Most gays that live in Copenhagen tend to stay in the old part of the city where there is much to entertain the gays including fun and entertainment that is centered in just a single square kilometer of the city. About 80 years ago, Copenhagen saw its first gay bar that thrives today even though many other bars and cafes catering to gays have sprung up in the intervening years.

Some examples of what you can get here if you are a gay include the Body Bio sex club and then there is also the LBL-Ungdom gay youth group as well as the Queer Festival and there is even a Gay and Lesbian Film Festival that is very popular among gays.

The Copenhagen Pride Festival is held in Copenhagen annually in the month of August and this is an event that attracts numerous gays from other Scandinavian countries as well as from different parts of the world.

The bottom line is that if you are planning for gay travel tours to Denmark then you should focus your attention to paying a visit to the gay part of Copenhagen where there are virtually limitless events to take part in that will keep you well satisfied.

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