Hp Business Inkjet 3000 Printer Review

Hp Business Inkjet 3000 Printer Review

As a business it’s essential to minimize expenses while maximizing revenue and the HP business inkjet 3000 printer is a way to keep the costs of printing down without sacrificing quality. While the initial cost of the printer is an important factor to consider, it is only part of the total cost of ownership. When buying one must keep in mind how much each HP ink cartridge will cost, whether using the hp12 ink cartridge which has the three primary colors plus one for black ink, or using a basic black ink cartridge for HP printers.

The HP business inkjet 3000 is capable of printing in both black and color, with an estimated 14 pages per minute in black and 7 pages per minute in color. The quality of prints is up to 1200 x 600 dpi using the 524 per color print head nozzles.

Besides having low costs for the HP ink cartridge you need to print, it also has low system requirements that enable it to be used on a wide variety of systems both old and new. It supports both Windows and Mac, beginning with Windows 98 and Mac OS 8.6.

The printer is designed to use its hp12 ink cartridge on a variety of media including copy, recycled, heavy and photo paper along with matte and glossy brochures, labels and cards or envelopes. The hp-12 ink cartridge makes it possible to print up to 30,000 pages per month for a full duty cycle that enables it to fulfill your small office business needs for color printing.

The input tray is able to hold up to 1,100 regular sheets of paper with an output maximum of 300 sheets, which makes it ideal for a small network of 5-10 individuals in a small office. Other capacities vary based on overall size. To save on costs associated with prints like paper, which is a cost that is incurred along with getting an ink cartridge for HP printers, you can also set it to duplex print to reduce paper waste by up to 50%.

An additional benefit of this printer is that each ink cartridge for HP is independent of the others so only the ones that get used most need replaced. You should ideally keep an HP ink cartridge of each color on-hand for when you run out, but there is no guarantee you’ll use them all equally.

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