NO! I’m Not Your N*gga

NO! I'm Not Your N*gga

AFRICANGLOBE – During the 1960s Black America was vibrant, sagacious, intolerant, circumspect and self-respectful; the positive attributes were endless.

Today, we find it acceptable to be referred to as n-word as if it is some sort of badge of honor to be worn; we sit by saying nothing while drugs, misogyny, saggin pants, crime and violence are marketed and promoted as a way of life; as if it is all synonymous with being Black.

For the past 30 years, an element of ruin has taken over Black America while the silent majority sits back, watches and allows the community’s annihilation to continue uninterrupted.

The time has come for the silent majority to wake up, stand up, and help clean up a mess created by proponents of a self-destructive mind-set. The mindset of the very definition of a N*gga.

It behooves Black people to re-claim their rightful and dignified place in history, or else, the race will remain irrelevant; presented as inferior, useless beings only taking up valuable space–in the pages of ancient history. The silent majority must take a look in the mirror and say: “Let it begin with me! And let me not rest until I have helped my community once again stand as a strong, viable, united, and honorable people.”

Black America must understand the game that has been played on the community and reject the ni**er, ni*a or ni**a; they are the lifeline that feeds the on-going systemic destruction.

Some believe that there are more important or prevalent issues occurring in the Black community than to be worried about the use of the n-word. But what if the cause of all of those highly-significant and more pressing issues are tied directly back to the smaller, seemingly less important factor?

You are being asked to join with the United Voices for a Common Cause, Inc. and allow the voices of the silent majority to be heard loud and clear. You must denounce the use of the n-word by anyone Black. Then, pass the message on to others by asking them to do the same.


By: H. Lewis Smith

Mr. Smith is the Founder/CEO, United Voices for a Common Cause, Inc.