Your LBD is History. Little White Dresses Are the New Black

Your LBD is History. Little White Dresses Are the New Black

The LBD is dead, long live Little White Dresses!

Whenever someone says that something is ‘the new black’ it means it’s really popular, and seeing that little white dresses are really hot right now it’s perhaps fair to say that white IS the new black!

But can we really replace our trusty LBDs? Do we even want to? Can the little white dress, or LWD, really replace the mighty LBD?

Why Replace LBDs With Little White Dresses?

“White is better than black.” Arguable I know, but there are lots of reasons to choose white over black…

We all know the old saying that ‘black is slimming,’ right? It’s true and this is why your LBD is such a trusty, wear-anytime, option. But what would you say if I was to tell you that little white dresses can also be as slimming, if not more! White is also great as it’s naturally brighter and a bit more cheerful than black and is also an appropriate color for most situations too.

Think about your wardrobe now. Is it dominated by vibrant colors and patterns, or is it an ocean of dark, depressing colors like black? If your answer is the latter then maybe you really need an injection of brightness to cheer things up a bit! Why should boring, dark colors be a default option?

White is much more cheerful and certainly a little more eye-catching than black which just kind of blends in with the background. It’s also a great color for the hotter months or holidays when you’re going to be outside because little white dresses will naturally be cooler as they reflect the sunlight. Perhaps consider them for an outdoor wedding too if you’ve got one coming up.

I’m Not Sure If I Want To Wear So Much White!

I know that it can be daunting to wear a lot of white when it’s generally seen as the preserve of brides or ghosts, but it’s honestly a really versatile color because it’s:

Easy to match with most other colors, even black (monochromatic black ‘n’ white looks are really in right now in fact)

It’s a neutral color that is a heck of a lot less scary than some of the brights and neons around these days

It is very pure and fresh and will help you look younger

It’s perfect for ANY skin tone

In fact don’t believe the hype when it comes to white having the ability to overpower pale skin and leave you looking drawn. This is highly unlikely, because everyone’s skin tone is darker than white!
Little White Dress Wearing Tips

If you’re sold on the idea of getting a little white dress of your own then follow these tips to get the best out of wearing it:

Try it on first to make sure it isn’t too sheer or you may give everyone a surprise at your next event!

Dark underwear showing through a white dress is NOT cool, go for white or nude.

Choose a dress that’s not too loose, otherwise it’ll look too flouncy and cloud-like.

Try wearing some fun, chunky and bright accessories as these go well with whites.

Avoid white shoes, otherwise you will look like you’re going to play tennis. This also goes for other garments, such as a sweater or shawl. If you overdo the white then you WILL be heading into bridal territory!

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