The Lonely Spider – The Black Widow

The Lonely Spider – The Black Widow

Black Widow spiders long to the Latrodectus genus and are considered the most venomous spiders in North America. There are various species of Black Widow in the United States. These spiders use a neurotoxin that is very potent but that is rarely fatal to adults do to the small dosage that is injected in each bite. The main features of an adult female spider include a characteristically spherical, shiny, and black abdomen with a red marking in the shape of an hourglass. Depending on the particular species of the spider, this marking may also be yellow or orange.

The male often has red spots and white lines, although they are mostly harmless.Black Widow spiders can commonly be confused with spiders in the Steatoda family, which are commonly known as false Black Widow spiders. Although these kinds of spiders have roughly the same shape as a Black Widow’s, they will lack the characteristic red triangles that appear on a female Black Widow’s abdomen. False widow bites may be painful, but they are not poisonous to humans. However, it is not recommended to cohabit with either kind of spider and spider control measures should be taken to eradicate these pests from your home.

Black Widow spiders prefer dark, undisturbed habitats and can be found in garages, sheds, or outhouses as well as under stones, woodpiles, and hollow stumps. Spider control strategies for dealing with the spiders tend to follow an integrated pest management strategy. That is, the best way to reduce the population of spiders in a given area is to attack them on all fronts. This includes taking important preventive measures, ensuring that indoor habitats are not ideal for this pest, and chemical treatment. Since Black Widow spiders spend most of their time in their webs, targeting their webs should be an integral part of any spider control strategy. It is also important to remember that widow spiders are nocturnal, so inspections designed to locate these pests should be carried out at night.

To prevent Black Widow bites, it is recommended to use long sleeves and gloves when handling potentially unsafe objects, such as lumber or stored cardboard boxes. It is also important to keep Black Widow spiders outside the home by sealing all cracks and using tight-fitting screens on all entrances and windows. Changing outdoor light bulbs for sodium vapor lights also avoids attracting insects to the house, which in turn attract widow spiders.The best way to eliminate Black Widow spiders or any kind of spiders sighted in your home or business to to call a certified pest control specialist.

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