Love Life, Hate Crime, Buy Pepper Spray

Hate Crime
by frgdr

Love Life, Hate Crime, Buy Pepper Spray

Personal safety is not the same as it once was years ago. The criminals do not even need any reason besides their own wants and needs and strangers will attack other strangers for no apparent reason. No matter how strong you are if you were presented with a gun or knife you would find that you are severely compromised. However there is a way that you are able to defend yourself without having to lower yourself to illegal or dangerous methods as the criminals do and this is why so many people buy pepper spray.

Pepper spray can be made up of different substances, the main one being oil, the other being water. The modern kind of pepper spray does not contain toxic ingredients; therefore the effects of it are only temporary yet are still effective enough to give anyone in danger time to get away from the situation they are in.

The latest creation of pepper spray is one that contains Oleoresin Capsicum, this ingredient is found in cayenne paper and the main benefit to the this is that even those who have been either drinking or taking any kind of drug will not be immune to the pepper spray effects as it seems they can be with other kinds which is useless when you are being attacked b y either drug or drink fuelled rage.

When pepper spray is administered it causes the person to struggle with their breathing, their eyes to burn and temporarily sight loss and general discomfort. It cannot cause any long lasting problems it just gives the person who is causing the attack disadvantage which is extremely useful if they are stronger than the person they are attacking and also if they are carrying a weapon.

It is not just other humans that we can be at threat by; we can also suffer from attacks from bears in certain areas and even from our own or other peoples pets. The pepper spray is also effective with animals so it could mean that you are able to get away in a case where you may be cornered or unable to defend yourself in another way.

With more and more people choosing to date over the internet you can never be sure of the other person’s intentions. Imagine planning a date with someone you feel you have got to know, maybe even spoken to on the phone as well as on the net, only to find when you get their that the person has brought you there on false pretences and tries to force you into something you do not wish to do.

By having pepper spray you will be able to defend yourself without breaking the law and get to safety as soon as possible.

You are able to purchase the pepper spray in a variety of sizes so that it can be adapted to meet your needs whether you need it to fit in your purse, your handbag or your pocket. This will allow you to keep it with you even if you are exercising and only have small pockets and you will be able to use it against animals too should you be attacked or feel threatened.

I am sure you can now see the various benefits that carrying pepper spray can bring you, most importantly the fact it could save your life or reduce any possible injury. The uses are endless as no matter the time or the source you are feeling threatened by you will know that you have your own personal bodyguard in the way of a small spray just when you need it most, which is definitely called for in this day and age.

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