Prada BR3888 Black Tote Revealed

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Prada BR3888 Black Tote Revealed

Every woman who loves her designer handbags probably has one or two she definitely adores. Designer purses come in all shapes and sizes and a bag whose shape and color pattern you might find revolting might be the piece de resistance in another lady’s wardrobe.

If you take the time to study the different models created by fashion houses, you will discover that there are some shapes that are common to all of them. One such shape is the Boston bag. The Boston bag looks like a mini briefcase and is characterized by having 2 handles and also having a square shape.

An example from the Prada is the Prada dark BL0517 Leather Boston Bag. Fendi have the Fendi black 8BL068 Zucchino Baulotto Bag and an example from Chloe is the Chloe Black Leather Eclipse Boston Bag.

Another style of bag that most designers have a model of is the tote bag. Tote bags are always large vertically shaped rectangular bags that you could use for carrying a lot of items both for business and pleasure. Most people use their tote bags for shopping and in some circles people refer to them as shopping bags. Some tote bags come with a zipper while others have a snap closure and some others have an open top.

This style of bag is extremely popular amongst most designers and you will be able to see a variation of the tote bag in any handbag designer’s catalogue. An example from Prada of the tote bag is the Prada BN1542 Black Chevron Quilted Tote Bag. One of Gucci’s popular models is the Gucci 211944 Sukey Medium Tote Beige-Black. Fendi have the Fendi Zucca Brown New Forever Tote Bag 8BR616 and Miu Miu have the Miu Miu Matelasse Black Leather Large Tote.

Sometimes a designer handbag is broadly considered to be popular because a certain celebrity has been seen carrying it or maybe it is been endorsed by the fashion press. Still, there are some bags that don’t have any publicity or celebrity endorsement but become bestsellers all by themselves due to their practicality of use and distinct design.

One such bag is the Prada BR3888 Black Leather Tote. This bag’s features while simple and elegant are so practical in design that more and much more women are adding it to their designer collection and making it an everyday bag that ticks all the right boxes. These features include the fact that it is made of Deerskin leather. It also has two little side compartments for keys, sunglasses or cell phone and a main compartment that secures with a magnetic clasp. Its dimensions are approximately 15 inches in length by 4.5 inches in width and 13 inches in height. A lovely bag to grace any lady’s wardrobe.

Are you actually looking to make an impression at the next party or event you go to? Then you need to arm yourself with an authentic designer handbag that will get heads turning in your direction.

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