The Problem With Charities

The Problem With Charities
Many so-called charitable organizations are nothing but scams.

AFRICANGLOBE -After donating money to Kony 2012, Haiti and various charities, I was sure that a large percentage of the money I donated would go to the people in need. But the more I read about how the donation money was spent, the less desire I have to financially contribute to any charity. I am beginning to feel that my money is just being wasted, and why should I give my money to someone if I feel that they are just going to waste it?

It seems that we are better off donating our time to people in need, giving clothes, food or whatever items deem fit than donating our money to these scam charities—because the money is going to everybody but those who need help.

This is not to say that all charities waste money or that you should stop donating money to charities. But it does seem that most of the charities spend most of their donation money on their big wigs, and this incredibly pisses me off. If I give money to charity I expect them to do something charitable with it. If I find out that a big percentage of my money I gave was spent on providing their big wigs to a lavish expensive lifestyle or something just as wasteful then I’m going to be very upset. I gave you that money to help, not to wine and dine.

Some of our largest charities have become just too big. The amount of wastage in such things as administration is quite incredible. Some charities are all out to create their own empires with branch offices all over the place and a payroll that would surprise the people who give so much to what they think is a good cause. I will continue to give to charity but never to one who has become bigger than the cause it is trying to help. I think that all charities should say clearly in their adverts and publicity material how much of the money they collect goes on admin and how much to the actual cause.

Every registered charity has an annual breakdown which shows where the money received goes. When a high percentage goes to wages, think twice! Charity Navigator can help you rate American-based charities (because they use tax forms) regarding their overhead. They all spend money but you can pick one that spends less. Like Oxfam America spends 4.8% on administration and 16% on fundraising. They raise a lot of money and do a lot of good with the 80% that goes to programs!

In a perfect world we wouldn’t need charities. If the system really worked, money would be well spent and distributed. Everybody would live confortably and have access to whatever needs they would have, like making sure everyone in the world was fed, educated and had health care.

But in a world where footballers are paid millions of dollars to kick a silly ball around, we’ll always need charity.