Put some HONESTe on your HOME PAGE – Dramatically increase sales!

Put some HONESTe on your HOME PAGE – Dramatically increase sales!

Many people are still scared to purchase online. Too many people fall prey to ONLINE FRAUD. Online shoppers are often reluctant to pull out the trusty credit card and that can directly impact your bottom line. What if there was a way to instantly increase your online shoppers’ confidence, trust and security?

Consumers want to trust you. Show your online shoppers that they can trust you by showing them why they can trust you. Identity theft is a multi-faceted crime packaged in countless shapes and forms and the Wild, Wild, Web is a thief’s playground. When shopping on line, be safe, be smart, be secure.

BBB ONLINE, (Better Business Bureau) is one of the most respected trust bureaus on the Internet. The BBB ONLINE presence and a good standing listing from the ONLINE BBB signifies that a member company maintains very high standards. Trust-E is an organization that ensures that its members do not spam people who sign up for their email address nor will they share your information with other organizations.

There is a free ebook circulating around the web which I highly recommend. Online shoppers and owners of Ecommerce sites need to read, Revenge of the Online Shopper. If you do business online you need to see what online shoppers are learning as it has a dramatic impact on your sales conversion rates. Revenge of the Online Shopper is your ticket to Safe, Smart, Secure Online Shopping. Internet scam artists LOVE “doing business” with trusting and unsuspecting consumers. Online thieves absolutely HATE safe, smart, secure shoppers.

What do consumers really want when they shop online? In addition to a good product or valuable service consumers still want to shop from people they know and like. The problem and the prize of the Ecommerce website is that people do not have to get personal. The internet sort of turns the notion of “arms length transaction” on its head. Let’s face it, people are skeptical of many online websites. What makes one site’s conversion rate higher than a competitor — trust.

The low Online trust level of your Ecommerce visitors is extremely important. In the free ebook, REVENGE OF THE ONLINE SHOPPER, you will learn how to radically increase your online sales conversion rate with only investing a few minutes of your time and about a dollar per day.

The web is truly a democratic place in that if you have an idea or topic that you want to share with others, you can get it online and whammo! you are on your way to building a community or a customer base. There are a lot of well designed ideas, websites and opportunities with plenty of traffic and yet poor execution. To be successful, your site must SPEAK to the customer.Your HOME PAGE is like the foundation of your bricks and mortar store, without it, it isn’t going to last, it will fall down and face an uncertain future. With the right foundation, your site will be stable, secure and strong.

Improve your Online Sales Conversion Rate If you own an online Ecommerce Website, have an Ecommerce web site Improve your Online Sales Conversion Rate and if you are an internet shopper see what you should be looking for to feel secure in purchasing from an online Ecommerce Website.