You Make a Sexy Catwoman

You Make a Sexy Catwoman

In the history of comics, the very first Catwoman did not wear anything to hide her identity from the public, as any superhero or villain would normally do, until her second appearance. The mask she put on was fabricated for her to resemble a real cat rather than a modified design which would suit the theatrical aesthetics. Later on, the Catwoman costume materialized as a tight, leather cat suit with the mask as an integrated part of the hood with the seeming cat ears installed to make her shadow look like a real cat in the dark. Her gloves would also include the retractable claws, as well as her boots which came in handy during melee fight scenes. Sometimes, her suit would also include a tail.

Catwoman lived a life of crime at the early stages of the development of the story. She even proved herself as one of the highly regarded supervillain of all time, which is according to magazines and awards and rank bodies. Although, in the last two decades, she was depicted as an antihero rather than being enlisted herself as part of the villain family.

When Catwoman left the life of crime, she selectively came to the rescue when Batman was in trouble. But she always gets her way from being caught by the caped crusader. She became the love interest of Batman along the way which caused the Huntress to exist – their only daughter. She and the Bat has one of the most peculiar and exciting love-hate relationships in the history of comics. Their fight encounters against each other seemed to be an odd way of doing foreplay.

A Catwoman costume enhances the slim and slender physique of the lady who wishes to wear the identity. The reputation of being witty and cunning sticks with the costume, hence, whenever you appear in a party of masks, you will always get the quick and hidden stare from everybody else. The admiration that you may receive will come from both the seeking for adventure guys and envious gals. The Catwoman costume makes you sexier.

The shiny, polyester fabric used on the costume adds to the alluring aura that the wearer will unconsciously bear. A Catwoman costume flaunts the only lethal weapon against guy thugs and heroes alike and it comes with the birth of a woman – her body. The recommended accessories that should definitely go with the leather-like costume are they sexy high-heeled boots, whip and a deep red lipstick. The last two items make Catwoman an exotic and sexier lady character aside from her flat stomach and curvy figure. The heels complete the woman in her, though it was seldom used on illustrations for the only reason that she has to run away fast from the all-clever Batman and she cannot do it with the heels on.

A Catwoman costume is a must have on the list if you desire to shop for a costume you are going to use for a party. It is also one of the few little things that could add to your motivations if you do not have the body to fit into the outfit yet. It is definitely a happy motivation.

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