Stocking Fillers That’ll Keep Them Quiet Until Turkey Time

Stocking Fillers That’ll Keep Them Quiet Until Turkey Time

We all hate to admit that Christmas can be a very stressful time indeed. Sorting out all those presents, getting the family together and organising all the food is not an easy task and added to all of this there is the constant hassle of keeping the kids entertained! No matter how much you emphasise how busy you are, children never seem to realise that their amusement is not always your primary concern and on Christmas Day it does not seem fair to leave them bored and moaning. So with the stocking fillers below, that crucial Christmas morning can run smoother than ever, as they will ensure that the kids are kept happy and out of the way whilst you deal with a complaining grandma and the burning turkey!

Kill two birds with one stone (or keep two children entertained with one present) with the Wind-Up Racing Meerkats. These cute characters are hilarious little figures which are guaranteed to amuse the kids for hours. With a simple wind, the Meerkats will walk along the floor and move their head side to side in a hilarious manner that will never get old! All the lucky recipients have to do is pick a Meerkat and go! With its hilarious ingenuity, this present is bound to amuse both old and young, so that the whole family can get involved in the fun.

And just in case this isn’t enough to keep them laughing, the Crap Jokes Loo Roll will definitely do the trick. For every lover of toilet humour and any small child, this present is absolutely perfect. It is a whole roll of toilet paper with a difference; every sheet is printed with a hilarious joke, which even the sternest of characters cannot help but snigger at! With an endless number of classics, including everything from ‘What’s brown and sticky? …A stick!’ to ‘Where do you find a dog with no legs? …Right where you left him!’ this novelty gift will not fail to be loved by people of all ages and bring some laughter to the bathroom.

Believe it or not, there is a whole range of novelty toilet rolls if this stocking filler idea tickles your fancy. The Crime Scene Toilet Roll, Contamination Hazard Toilet Roll and Bio-Hazard Toilet Roll also bring amusement to toileting sessions, as well as warning prospective users of any possible bad smells that might be lingering! For those who like to take their time on the toilet, the Sudoku Loo Roll and Crossword Loo Roll are the perfect present. The lucky recipient will be able to spend hours poring over puzzles whilst they relax in the privacy of the bathroom! However, this does not bode well for the queue of people waiting outside! If the recipient has always dreamed of being filthy rich, then the Millionaire’s Loo Roll is for them. This is a hilariously ingenious present that will really let them flash their cash! The Millionaire’s Loo Roll is made up of sheets of paper that look like one hundred pound notes, so that the lucky recipient really can feel like they are rolling in it.

Every parent knows that there is nothing more successful in keeping kids entertained than a project! So give them something practical to do with the Build Your Own VW Camper Van gift. This is not just a fun task, but results in a stunningly detailed scale model of the classic VW camper van, which the older folks are guaranteed to appreciate as well. The present is made of die-cast metal and features doors that open and a motor so that, once completed, you can pull back the van and watch it zoom along! This gift, as well as being excellent fun and a challenging task to keep them occupied, results in a truly top quality product that will be treasured as a keepsake for years to come.

A good old-fashioned game which never fails to keep kids busy is snap and this is given a unique twist with The Gruffalo Giant Snap Cards. Lovers of the famous children’s book are bound to appreciate these stunningly illustrated cards, which are presented in an elegant metal tin to keep them in top condition for years. These cards, with their bright colours and beautiful images, promise to keep the children interested for a good few hours at a time and the great thing about them is that they are not only suitable for Christmas, but can be used over and over again for years to come.

So if you thought stocking fillers were not that important at Christmas, then think again! With their endless versatility and variety, stocking fillers really could be the answer to all your festive worries!

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