Synonyms to Divorce from Different Perspectives

Synonyms to Divorce from Different Perspectives

The concept and application of divorce is widespread in our country. It is experienced by our diverse cultures and subcultures. Different people have different opinions about this issue. Furthermore, they handle divorce is a diversified way as well. There are too many cliques and people for us to decide all the perspectives people have about legal separation. A pastor may say it is a sin because it is engraved in his morality. On the other hand, a divorce lawyer may say that divorce is a completely acceptable action because well, he or she can earn from it. However, in trying to present a few other perspectives, allow yourself to step on these shoes.


This is usually the reaction separated couples have when they are finally out of the marriage they both regret. They may have acted upon it rashly. They may have loved each other at first but have fallen out of love as the years have gone by. Their differences may be too large, larger than the feelings they have for each other. So, in the end, they decided to call it quits. After everything, they are actually thankful for the separation, leading the, to live new lives apart.


Most likely, this is only true to one of the two people involved in the divorce. Obviously, one wants to leave the marriage while the other still hangs on because he or she can’t afford to lose his or her spouse. Several factors are also obvious here: a new love, a reason to hate one’s partner, a reason to leave for better opportunities-the list goes on. Whatever the reason is, this separation inflicts a serious pain to the one who is left.

Opportunity for money

Well, what do we have here? I believe the term gold digger comes to mind when some of you have seen this section’s title. That is also a possibility. In fact, even if we wanted to deny it, it is quite practiced by many a woman in our country. We do not want to judge, and we are not pointing fingers. But the act surely does exist. There are still other scenarios though, other than gold digging. Other people might find circumstances in their married life that when addressed properly, can be used to their advantage. Some things pop up in mind. we can have domestic violence for one. The victim can wise up and sue the other party for the crime. He or she can press for charges, get the divorce, and get more money in the process.


This is only synonymous to divorce when the couple is living a happily married life. A couple can also only claim this perspective when they are already too old to separate. Come on. Even if the couple is madly in love with each other, there are still a lot of things that can happen along the years. Some of them can test the relationship in difficult ways. You can only drop divorce as an impossibility when you have surpassed all the possible hardships your marriage can take.

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