Trump Is Ignorant, But He Is Not Stupid

Trump Is Ignorant, But He Is Not Stupid
Donald Trump is a reflection of the average American.

AFRICANGLOBE – Donald Trump is many things. He is ignorant; probably the most ignorant president ever elected. He is disinterested. He is racist, a liar, sexist, misogynist, anti-Muslim and many other things.

The one thing he is not is stupid. He clearly understands and has made millions from marketing, messaging and branding. His use of racist troupes, bombast, hyperbole, lies and narcissism may be dysfunctional and dangerous, but they are shrewd and crude political calculations. This is a base-galvanizing political strategy, not a consensus governing political strategy.

‘Eat Their Racism’

According to Pew Research, even after Trump admitted that he is a misogynistic sexual predator, 47 percent of white women voted for him because as Tom Porter stated, “They rather eat their racism than sit down and dine on a fine meal.” Or as H. Rap Brown said, “Racism is as American as cherry pie.”

Since Trump cannot formulate a political message or campaign strategy that highlights his accomplishments or ability to deliver on his campaign promises, he defaults to the troupes that have historically carried the day in America: racism and xenophobia.

President Trump has failed to deliver on any of the major promises that Candidate Trump ran on. According to The Atlantic, “From trade deals to gun control and immigration to military deployments, the president has a consistent pattern: Talk a big game, then back down.”

Tweeting To Distract

Trump referred to Democrat congresswomen (“The Squad”) in his tweets, saying they should “go back and help fix the totally broken and crime-infested places from which they came.” Then he tweeted racists insults about the city of Baltimore, its residents and one of its congressional representatives.

His tweets are not the mindless and aimless rants of a stupid man. They are political calculations designed to distract the media and electorate from the real issues that are plaguing America.

Clock Is Ticking

Every minute that our news cycle is consumed by and dedicated to Trump’s tweets is time that America is not focused on how to address or solve wealth disparity, mass incarceration, the correlation between extrajudicial killings and America’s bankrupt and racist foreign policy.

It’s easy for so-called analysts and pundits on mainstream corporate media to tell us that Trump is a racist. He tells us this every day. They may as well be discussing whether water is wet. Calling Trump racist is not journalism, nor is it news.

The challenge is to avoid the contrived distractions and deal with the real issues and solutions.

Solutions that solve problems such as why this current generation of young people are slated to be the first generation in this country that will not have a higher standard of living than their parents. We need to ensure that the American dream is obtainable for everyone.

Focus On Issues

The media, Democrats, pundits and analysts can follow Trump down the racist rathole if they want, but do it at your own peril.

Telling us that he’s incompetent does not take much analysis or insight. It’s a trap that he has set you. It’s a fool’s errand and a losing venture. Just ask Hillary Clinton.


Dr. Wilmer Leon