The Truth About Religion And Africa

The Truth About Religion And Africa
Foreign religions are damaging to the African way of life.

AFRICANGLOBE – If religion had the same value as gold, oil or diamond America and other world powers would form alliance and wage war against Africa to take it for themselves. NATO would have declared all the African countries to be no-fly-zones, in short it would not even have come to Africa in the first place.

If the Bible or Quran had any useful knowledge especially in this 21st century it would only be found in the U.S.A, U.K., RUSSIA, FRANCE, GERMANY, SPAIN, CHINA AND JAPAN. Oxford university would have offered a degree studying them so that only the rich and the elites would have access to such knowledge. The Bible and the Quran are found in Africa at higher rates than and other books, pastors and imams outnumber medical doctors and engineers. Churches and mosques outnumber schools and other higher institutions of learning. Faith is reining over logic and common sense just as belief is rated above facts and reality.

Christians will always oppress the native belief just as Muslim will always have extremists who would always slaughter both the Christians and the native Africans, and the Muslims will always be opposed by all. All these are possible in Africa because we give religion priority and live in self denial, the situation is like this because Religion is useless, worthless and meaningless in this age of enlightenment and development.

The United State and other world powers worships and honor the true G.O.D, yes they do and are always ready to kill, divide and conquer other nations for it, I mean “G” gold, “O” oil, “D” diamond. Stop believing in illusion oh Africa while the rest of the world are developing and going nuclear.

The wealth of Africa is never enjoyed in Africa by Africans rather its shared by NGO’s, The Common Wealth, United Nation and the western elites. Stupidity is when we pray for what is already ours by birthright. Ignorance is when you are waiting for your help to come from the same place where your troubles came from.

It won’t take anything away from us if we start thinking, or if we united and develop our land, if we stop being puppet to foreigners in our own ancestral land, if we start loving and stop hating ourselves, I mean if we do away with ethnicity and tribal intolerance and hate. It wont do us any harm if we go back to who we were originally made to be (Africans).

It won’t kill us if we bring back common sense, I mean if we wipe out corruption in our polity. I don’t think it will hurt us if we say no crisis and all provocative activities.


By: O’Best


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