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In White America, Committing Crime Is Freedom

In White America, Committing Crime Is Freedom
After sending millions of Black Americans to prison on phony drug charges the U.S. government has now decided to legalize marijuana.

AFRICANGLOBE – There are only two factors that entice the US Government to legalize a substance like Cannabis (Weed), Heroin or Hemp: (1) A significant number of white Americans must actively use and produce it and (2) The US government must be able to fully tax the production and sale of the substance. Especially if Big Pharma is involved in the capital market chain, the better.

If a significant number of white Americans aren’t actively engaged in the use and production of the substance, it is grounds for criminalization. That is, whole Black communities doped on crack will be forced into jail cells in the name of morality. While whole communities of whites heavy laden with hemp will be sent to treatment facilities.

This hypocrisy satisfies the two objectives of the racist US Government: (1) It maintains the status quo of white supremacism and (2) It maintains a significant reproduction of the “Colored Labor” under-class who work for their white “entrepreneurial masters” for close to free.

Yet, the rest of the world feigning ignorance, or outside of this knowledge, remains stooped in diatribes: cries about morality, choices, right and wrong, when they see Black Boys on television being thrown into prison for so-called “Drug related offenses.” That is for carrying or smoking any amount of weed, a Black Boy can be incarcerated for life.

America’s Mass Incarceration grew out of this supposed ignorance of the righteous masses, which in all fairness can only be correctly identified as the Holy Compliant Masses, who are blinded by the color of their own skins.

In a stunning move led by U.S. Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky), the United States Senate has now passed legislation that ends hemp prohibition and would allow white farmers across the nation to cultivate hemp.

“The bill would legalize hemp, removing it from the federal list of controlled substances and allowing it to be sold as an agricultural commodity.”

This is on top of Trump’s recent announcement that he would work to end marijuana prohibition at the federal level, now that it has become amply clear that more and more whites use the substance and produce it far more than any racial group in the United States.

Simultaneously, the US FDA has just approved the first cannabis-derived prescription drug, made from purified cannabidiol (CBD). Alongside this approval, federal agencies are reportedly on schedule to remove CBD from Schedule I status at the federal level, allowing the CBD pharmaceutical to be legally sold nationwide.

Yes, isn’t it fascinating that the US government legalizes a substance when a significant number of whites use it, make it, and specifically when Big Pharma owned by white men is involved in it? All of a sudden, crime becomes freedom. Crime is actually freedom. This is the nature of White America.


By: Narmer Amenuti

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