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Regardless Of Who Wins The Election, Nothing Will Change!

Regardless Of Who Wins The Election, The People Who Are Unelected Will Stay In Control
The Clinton and the Trumps are friends.

AFRICANGLOBE – It’s Election Day and the sky isn’t falling. Your money still has some value for the moment, and the zombie apocalypse has not yet begun. But looking back over the last 18 months or so, you might be tempted to think that insanity had taken over the minds of the American people. Rest assured, no matter who wins the presidency, not much is going to change. That’s because those with real power and influence in the United States are still pulling the strings and calling the shots, not only in government, but in the free market, in banking, in natural resources, and in the war machine.

After today, the once two-party system (only for the election of course) will go back to being the establishment. As former congressman Ron Paul once said, “The Nancy Pelosis of the world and the John Boehners of the world were much more buddies than anybody realized. The parties mean very little.” If you don’t believe that, try finding as much of a whimper coming from Speaker of the House Paul Ryan as he bent over backwards, burning the midnight oil to pass the omnibus spending package championed by Barack H. Obama. Yes. Deficit spending will continue, the Congress will continue to spend more than it takes in, borrowing money from foreign governments to do so, and applying the burden of repayment to the American taxpayer; you!

Those of us, who’ve been in journalism for any length of time, will continue to believe Donald Trump was a Clinton plant to ensure she would win. And he played the part well. Speaking without preparing, making fun of women, disparaging minorities, mocking the handicapped, and playing up to fundamental issues (patriotism, xenophobia, capitalism), all won over the Republican base.

Good luck finding evangelical Christians who truly believed he was the “strong Christian” he told Chris Cuomo he was! He fumbled that one when he mispronounced one of the books of the Bible, calling it “2 Corinthians” instead of of “2nd Corinthians”,  while speaking at Liberty University. After the election is over, he’ll simply go back to being a Clinton friend, and will probably invite the Clinton clan to come to his next wedding.

If he somehow wins, in what he himself has called a “rigged” election, he’s already said he was going to appoint a Goldman Sachs and George Soros ally as Secretary of the Treasury. As we reported, “Steve Mnuchin came on board Trump’s campaign as finance chair in May, raising eyebrows of many who felt his 17-year history with Sachs — and affiliation with liberal globalist George Soros as an Investment Professional of Soros Fund Management — conflicted directly with the then-presumptive nominee’s conservative stance and criticisms of establishment politicians.” Even Ron Paul knows what a Trump presidency will look like. Paul said he’d be the “champion of the executive order.”

For her part, Clinton’s attempt to take the high road and not stoop to Trump’s level of vicious attacks, was interrupted by Project Veritas’ and Wikileaks’ expose’ of the DNC’s goings on behind the scenes, as well as the pseudo-investigation of the FBI into her private and illegal email server. We finally learned her party was responsible for the paid protesters who assaulted Trump’s true believers at campaign rallies.

Thanks to Julian Assange, we know Bernie Sanders, who was really not supposed to be a serious option for Democrats, never had a chance against Clinton in the primaries, even though he was much more popular than Clinton with younger Dems. That’s because the DNC, his adopted political party (remember he was a self-proclaimed Independent), was working against him, slandering him with the help of the mainstream media, and some have said, rigging the results of the primaries in Clinton’s favor.

No, the farce of an election, possibly the ugliest in United States history, has done very little to comfort the American people with the notion they’re in good hands. But rest assured. After today, nothing is really going to happen, except the real power brokers in the nation, the oligarchy, will continue to wrestle away the freedoms Americans hold so dear. The first amendment, the second amendment, they’re gone if Clinton wins.

Some of us are old enough to remember she was the one who brought political correctness to our American society. Do you remember the “F__k you!” t-shirts of the 80’s? Those disappeared as they’re supposedly too offensive to wear in public. Hell, wearing the American flag t-shirts can get your ass stomped in some California cities. Clinton has also promised to take a close look at Australia’s gun ban. Translation: we’re coming for your guns. But that’s really nothing new.

In order to prop up the oligarchy, the guns have to go. And we won’t even touch on who she’ll appoint to the Supreme Court. No, the only hope conservative Americans have, if Clinton wins, is that gridlock continues. Let’s face it. Obama has had a tough time getting Antonin Scalia’s seat filled hasn’t he? That’s what you’ll see more of if the former secretary of state wins. Conservatives everywhere will be thanking God for gridlock.

For liberals, the prospect of a Trump presidency is shuddering. They’ll probably stay up at night in fear that he’ll press the button and start a nuclear war. But it’s more likely he’ll be doing what Clinton did as secretary of state, get richer by implementing policies which will benefit his crony brotherhood of casino and hotel owners. The Trump family will amass an even more incredible amount of wealth as they take advantage of insider deals having access to government affords. And if Democrats win one of the two branches of Congress, by winning a majority of the seats, gridlock in a Trump presidency will be another impediment to “making America great again.” Again, for liberals facing a Trump presidency, gridlock will be heaven sent.

Both parties will continue to spy on you. The Patriot Act (we know thanks to Edward Snowden) was put in place under the Bush administration and was found to be spying on ALL Americans. Both parties start illegal wars. A bipartisan Congress voted to attack the sovereign nation of Iraq, although the 9/11 hijackers were all Saudi Arabian.

Both parties are owned by banks. Remember the speaking fees Clinton received when she spoke at Goldman Sachs? Clinton was paid 21 million over the course of two years just to give a speech. How many of you would have paid her one dollar to speak on any subject? Yet big banks gave her millions to hear her supposed wise words.

Both parties will continue the drug war. That’s because pharmaceutical companies’ profit margins are threatened by plants like marijuana and kratom, and their lobby will see to it that the government will go after the now burgeoning marijuana industry.

Both parties are slaves to corporations and special interest groups. Remember Halliburton? The gulf wars were all about the oil right?

Both parties will continue to support the police state. You can expect to see the federalization of police departments all across the U.S.

The rich will get richer. The poor will get poorer. Taxes will continue to rise. Home ownership will be further out of reach. Forget tiny houses, the only houses some will be able to afford, just like cars, will be leased homes, probably owned by the federal government. Wages will continue to trend lower, even if the minimum wage is raised to $15 per hour.

Remember when a family of five making 30,000 a year was considered middle class? That’s now the official poverty level. The educational system will remain a bastion which produces non-free-thinkers, who never question why they’re never taught to balance a checkbook, live off-the-grid, and oppose taxes. No. Nothing is going to change after today.

Until Americans wake up to the fact that their beloved republic is nothing more than a distraction that provides an ostensible sense of democracy — nothing is going to change. Until Americans stop believing that clicking buttons in a voting booth is more powerful than billionaires showering Congress with cash — nothing is going to change. Until Americans realize they are the host to one of the most dangerous and deadly parasites in the history of humankind — we can expect more of the same — no matter which shiny puppet pretends to have your interests in mind as they shout from their pulpits surrounded by teleprompters.


By: Jack Burns

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