What Do Women Love And Hate

What Do Women Love And Hate

Women are simply material girls who love to receive lavish gifts. At least that’s the conventional wisdom; I decided to do my own research on this maxim. My mind wandered to a tale I once heard of the hidden tomb of the great queen of gift baskets, there was a soaring yet indistinct aria filling the huge crypt and I can’t help a cold chill running over my whole spine.

There was a legend that surrounded the burial place of this epitome of feminism. Apparently, eons of years ago the latter was present mulching maniac. There were no forms of gifts that were permitted into the Kingdom without her highly sought after approval. As a result people would wrap up their presents in linen and put them in picnic baskets. Gone is the era of presents being given incognito but the principle of gift baskets is blooming exponentially, especially so with regards to the female species. In spite of the treacherous and mysterious journey, I still had not culminated the theory put forward. I had a session with my logic integrator and we reached a consensus that maybe the thesis has a degree of likelihood. My contingency plan was to evaluate and thoroughly find the possibilities that lay beneath the gift basket blanket.

Repose Most women favor the attractive proposal that comes with being pampered. It would be like committing an insidious crime to deny a woman the therapeutic relaxation offered at spas. Thoughts of being aromatic, exotic oils being coddled on their yearning skins taunt many women. In addition to indulgence, if mummy is happy then there is more solitude within the household. Surprise her by sending her to a cosseting little heaven for a few hours or the entire day and you will have made her day! You will be surprised how a change of scenery can have such festive effects. Besides that feeling good encourages us to want to express that emotion on the outside and besides wearing a gratified smile she might even buy an outfit. Better still to appease her spirit, one can couple the present with a clothing gift voucher from her favorite store. This idea, as I have found, can be applied on all holidays or special days. The results are the same; a hysterical woman joyfully screaming on the telephone to her best friend.

If the pockets are holed at the moment why not spoil your mother by yourself. Give her a facial and a long soak in a tub of bubbles and light some incense candles that will make her drift and end up floating on a bubble. Bath salts also be implemented in the pamper session. A glass of bubbly is also an accessory that can assault the senses. If the idea sounds a bit daunting then you can alternatively make the gift basket for her and then she can enjoy more leisurely evenings watching her favorite soap opera immersed in lukewarm zesty salted water. Coloring salts is easy. Just buy her best color dye and complementary scent and stain some course salt grains; the result is almost professional. Packing is simple and mixing bath salts with candles amplifies the beauty of the gift basket. Strips of silky ribbon can be use to tie that whole package together, a gift tag with a heart-felt message can also be added.

I guess that relaxation which is actually indulgence and opulence are not too far apart: Both of them are satisfaction of deep lusts. The implications of my findings are that the present that you may have looming in the mental realm must fit the profile. What is the profile? Well, it is a combination of a number of factors but the main one is that they must evoke a sense of desire and captivate the recipient so much that they impatiently anticipate exploiting the gift. The saga continues I ravage through the jungle trying to find my way to the heart of the ideal gift for women.

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