Africa The New Israel?

Africa The New Israel?
Some Africans are blinded by foreign religions.

AFRICANGLOBE – Think! Think! Think! Dear fellow Africans who are die hard Christians. Which continent in the world worship God as much Africans do? Africans are indeed notoriously religious. Today, Africans are not just notoriously religious they are mad for God.

Religion has indeed taken the greater part of the minds of most African. The African think religion, breath religion, and smell religion, yet most Africans continue to live in stillness.

One will agree with me that there is no doubt that Christianity has taken over Africa. One may ask why the Caucasian who brought European Christianity to Africa isn’t jealous of the African looking at the rate at which it has spread and continues to spread. The number of Christians continue to multiply by the minute.

Running from one prayer camp to another has been the utmost aim of many Christians. You are wrong to think that praying always without thinking gives you a place among those who are making it in life. The height that great men reached in life never rested on prayer only but innovative thinking and ideas.

Most Africans are poor and will continue to be poor until they change their mindset regarding religion. Today, if you look at the Caucasian who brought European Christianity to Africa, you realize that he who brought it has lost it, if not completely, he is gradually losing it. Ask yourselves, how many hours does the European spend in church? How many hours do you also spend in church every day? The European will spend only 30 minutes in church and spend the rest of the hours working. No wonder why they are developed and we are rotting in poverty. A greater number of Africans spend more than half the day in church. Either one is in the church praying during the day when he his supposed to work, forgetting that God whom they claim to be worshiping worked for six days.

Most Africans want to believe that Africa is the new Israel and that God will provide for them all their needs, hence, their only duty on earth is pray. Most people who only pray hard but refuse to work hard continue to borrow and beg. These people continue to owe one person or the other. What is most annoying is that they pray that God should let their creditors give them the money for free instead of praying to God to help them think out how to be creative and innovative.

What are the Africans praying for? Most African prayers are centered on the need for God to kill our enemies. Only the African is surrounded by enemies. There is either an enemy in this house or the next, hence he wants God to kill them.

Back to sender prayer: should you visit any church, you will realize that before they end, the one leading them to pray will raise the back to sender prayer. What a stupid prayer topic! During this prayer content, the faithful pray against “ghosts” who have allegedly planned ills against them. Ghost; because mostly such people they pray against do not exist. A long prayer after which all energy is strained out of the body is what most African Christians do. Take it from me this day that you are your own enemy. When you refuse to work and as a result you are enjoying poverty, you then conceive the idea of some enemies somewhere.

Productivity is low in Africa because the energy to work will not be there after sitting at a prayer camp for the whole night. God will not perform miracles on marbles.

Africans have a reputation as being the most religious but the religious ideas that the African has are all poisonous, most African Christians think for God instead of letting God think for them and letting God guide them to think. Think! Think! Think! Dear African who is reading this piece. Know that God who created you worked for six days and only rested for a day. Don’t spend all the hours you have in a day in church for you won’t develop while praying; but while working and not making your work a prayer, you will develop.

Choose what you want today. I set before you prayer and work. If you choose to pray, without working, you choose to borrow money but when you choose to work hard, you choose your development.


By: Emmanuel Graham Nyameke