Africa Need More Leaders Like Robert Mugabes

President Robert Mugabe
Poster supporting Robert Mugabe outside the EU-Africa summit in Lisbon Portugal

AFRICANGLOBE – I am an African American who admires President Robert Mugabe hook, line and sinker. The world we live in has been made bad by people who do not take their time to understand, equality and fairness. Those who understand the principles of fairness, equality and justice, the world over, will stand by President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe and try to promote his vision of a world where countries are not trampled on by others simply because they are small financially and militarily.

When President Mugabe speaks and I listen, I feel he is speaking from his heart and with his soul intact. When President Mugabe speaks, I feel he is speaking on behalf of all the downtrodden people of the world.

Zimbabwe is a tiny country in Southern Africa but God, through his unchallenged wisdom gave that country a President with big brains, which is directly the opposite of other countries where big economies are given to a president with a full stop of a brain.

Zimbabwe is blessed and at times, I talk to my fellow Black Americans or African Americans that God sent President Mugabe on a mission to liberate the world from the evil.

President Mugabe’s desire to have the United Nations reformed, will no doubt, change the world political matrix and bring peace, equality and stability to all nations.

The problem in the world at the moment is that rich and powerful countries abuse small and poor ones, even using the UN Security Council as smokescreen behind with they hide their regime change agendas.

The UN Security Council has by and large been manipulated by the United States of America, Britain, France and their allies to punish countries that are deemed untoward and even to murder political opponents like Muammar Gaddafi.

Syria’s case is yet another point of contention in world politics. America and countries aligned to it have taken upon themselves to dictate what should happen in that country by sponsoring financially and militarily, the opposition to topple President Assad. President Mugabe warned at the last UN summit that America should not be allowed to be the self-appointed world policeman. “Shame, shame, shame on you (American),” he said.

At the moment the hottest spot of the world is Syria and the situation there helps illustrate why President Mugabe is calling for a free, fair and just UN, where countries are treated equally.

America and its allies, including oil rich Saudi Arabia, have taken it upon themselves to get rid of President Bashar al Assad. Saudi Arabia is very powerful and oil rich and also geographically adjacent to Syria hence strategically good for America.

The provoking decision of Saudi Arabia to disallow non-permanent membership of the UN Security Council demonstrates that the Kingdom has its own version of how to settle international problems and the Syrian crisis, in particular.

Despite the fact that Saudi Arabia does not openly contest the priority of a peaceful settlement to the Syrian crisis, it still favours the annihilation of Assad’s government and franticly works to prevent “Geneva-2” or at least to delay the start of this conference.

The military overthrow of Assad is considered by Saudi Arabia as the most favourable scenario. Therefore, it broadly supports the armed Syrian opposition and rebel groups – “Jabhat al Nusra,” “Islamic state of Iraq and Levant” – that were created by Saudi Arabia’s special service and today act under their supervision. The above mentioned groups are also considered to be the most successful battle-wing of the Syrian opposition. They are sponsored by America and its allies.

Saudi Arabia’s rejection of non-permanent membership in the UN Security Council is also a clear message to the US that Riyadh is dissatisfied with changes in US foreign policy towards Damascus.

It is also a sign that the White House cannot control its former ally, Saudi Arabia, any longer from taking unilateral actions against Syria.

Saudi Arabia also plans to actively discredit the Syrian management within the UN.

In particular it works on a draft that calls to beef up sanctions against Damascus in connection with allegations of joint operations being carried out by combatants from governmental forces, groups of Lebanese “Hisbala”, Iraq Shiite formations and Iran’s “Revolutionary Guards.”

Saudi Arabia’s determination to overthrow Assad by any means possible (including the use of extremists) may lead to further strengthening and radicalisation of the Syrian armed opposition.

And it might as well lead to a long and devastating civil war in Syria. Washington’s inability to influence the opposition camp and Riyadh’s aspiration to remain the domination force supervising insurgency already caused a split in the Syrian opposition rooted conflicts between rival groups.

The remaining uncertainty about the National Coalitions (NC) participation in the Geneva-2” will force the NC to increase its military potential – a step that regardless of any outcome of the conference is capable to jeopardise peace in Syria.

So under those circumstances you get to admire and understand men like President Mugabe, who have a vision for a better world, a world were matters are dealt with based on facts and not allegiance to super powers.

The Syrian conflict would not be there if the UN had dealt with it fairly, in the mould of President Mugabe’s vision.

There are many African Presidents who share Mugabe’s vision but are afraid of articulating their vision for fear of retribution.

President Mugabe has been hated and persecuted for his unwavering stance and articulation of issues around world justice, equally and fairness If the world had only five leaders like President Robert Mugabe, it would have been a different place altogether where equality of nations was guaranteed and promoted regardless of geographical size, financial muscle or military mighty.

President Mugabe’s vision, frankness and political artistry, remains unmatched.


By: Vincent Octoyi