Australia Erupts in Race Row Over Sale of Racist Dolls

Racists golliwog dolls
Racists Golliwog dolls

A race row has erupted in Australia over sale of golliwog dolls in Queensland tourist shops. The racists dolls, which depict Black people in a racially offensive manner, have begun appearing in novelty shops across resorts in the area, causing race campaigners to call for ban on the toys.

Mr Bob Weatherall, chairman of the Centre for Indigenous Cultural Policy, reportedly said: “It doesn’t bring unity within a community.”

“It doesn’t bring back equity,” he added.

Despite Golliwogs being widely condemned as racist in Britain and other countries, they are said to be vastly popular
in Australia, with stores in Queensland reporting strong sales.

Store owner Deanne Edwards, who sells about 20 golliwogs a week at her store in the resort town of Hervey Bay, told reports that, “They’re absolutely adorable. We absolutely love them. The kids love them, I love them.”

“They are very, very popular. I sell so many it’s not funny,” she continued.

Last September rapper Big Boi blasted a store in New Zealand airport for selling what he described as the ‘racist’ dolls and had the products removed from sale.

Shortly after the Outkast star posted pictures of the toys on his Twitter page, he wrote: “Ok, all blacks is a rugby team, but what the f*ck are these [SIC]”.