Aviator Scarves 101 – How to Wear Scarves For Men

    Aviator Scarves 101 – How to Wear Scarves For Men

    Aviator scarves are an accessory that date far back into history. Originally made of wool on one side and silk on the other, they were worn by pilots for more practical reasons then for fashion sake. Aviator scarves usually measure 6 feet long by 10 inches wide, and were normally used to protect the pilots neck from the constant chafing of his leather flight suit. The loose ends of the scarves were used to clean the pilots goggles from any oil spray coming from a leaky rotary engine. The aviator scarves were not considered fashion accessories until many years later, when men discovered that they made a dashing accessory that impressed the ladies.

    A Perfect Blend of Style & Purpose
    Today, men wear 100% silk aviator scarves as a fashion accessory, to add a touch of individuality to any outfit. Since the scarves have evolved into a fashion piece, designers have altered how they are made to create a more aesthetic appeal. Aviator scarves are now made of two pieces of silk sewn together, which grants minimal warmth, gives a great deal of style, and avoids the bulk and itch of wool. Apparently style won over usefulness in this particular instance.

    Colors to Suit Your Mood
    White is the most popular color among men, as it provides a dramatic and brilliant contrast to a dark brown or black leather coat. Some of the white aviator scarves have designs on them but most are solid white. Solid white silk creates an instant look of sophistication that women love. If you want to add an elegant, eye-catching accessory to your typical suit and tie style, try a white aviator scarf. If white seems a little too daring for your taste, you could choose a scarf in black or brown. Some men prefer the matching appearance of a black or dark brown scarf to go with their black or dark brown leather, though this is much less common.

    Draping the Aviator Scarf
    The scarf can be hung around the neck like a chain, with both ends just dangling in front or it can be looped around the neck like most utilitarian scarves are. Some men choose to blend the styles with the scarf being looped around the neck once and both ends hanging in front at the same time.

    The next time you need a gift for your male loved one, consider a gift out of history. Consider an aviator scarf. They are lightweight, classy, masculine, and elegant all at the same time. They are thin and small enough to tuck into a pocket if the moment dictates, while adding a flare of romantic appeal to nearly any outfit.

    Aviator scarves look and feel wonderful to wear, and they serve as a wonderful alternative to traditional suits and ties. If you are a man who enjoys wearing a brightly colored tie that grabs attention from everyone you meet, an aviation scarf is the perfect choice for you. You can find these scarves in almost any menswear shop with dozens of varieties of colors and fabrics available. Choose several styles to match any outfit and you will have the perfect accessory for any occasion.

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