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The Gantt Report - The Black Come .Up
Blacks such as Charles Barkley has made a name for themselves bashing Black people

AFRICANGLOBE – There are writers and reporters in almost every newspaper, on every TV and radio station and on every network trying to get their “come up” by constantly attacking Black youth, Black athletes, Black rappers and present and past Black heroes!

And, the ring leaders of these unrelenting attacks are White women!

A “come up” is when you use other people to raise your status mainly by criticizing someone good or someone better than you.

It seems the most hated person in the world these days is Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston.

It is fair game to criticize Winston’s exploits on and off the field but to talk or write about mistakes Winston made years and months ago and to twist and turn any situation about him into a negative situation has to be racially motivated. Look at how Michael Vick is being hated years after a discretion and years after he changed his life for the better!

Why Winston? Because the only crime Winston committed was to walk out of a super market with a couple of pounds of crab legs, months and months ago, I might add.

But white women at USA Today and at ESPN talk about sexual assault, BB guns and heated discussions with coaches every time Jameis Winston’s name is mentioned.

Fair newsmen and broadcasters would talk and write more about alleged sexual assaults done by their coworkers, or by white quarterbacks, or by white media owners!

But hatred of Black people by the media is nothing new. This idea that the Black community can be divided, exploited and oppressed by attacking Black leaders and Black achievers has been around since white folk landed on Plymouth Rock and Plymouth Rock landed on us!

Reportedly. Pittsburg Steelers QB  Ben Roethlisberger has been involved in multiple sexual situations where assault was claimed. But they don’t mention that when they talk about Ben.

Not only is Philadelphia Eagle end Riley Cooper not criticized for making racial slurs, he is loved by Midwest klansmen for describing his teammates as “N”s.”

But don’t think this Black come up” thing is limited to sport or limited to whites talking about Blacks.

Every day someone of African heritage goes up to a white person and says something negative about a Black person.

In fact, on your job, at your school, or anywhere else, the African American loved by white people the most is the African American that hates other Blacks, that snitches on other Blacks, that will fire other Blacks for no reason when ordered to do so by white supervisors and will lie on Black people to get the Black “Black come up”!

In my business, it happens every election year. The Negroes with the least education, the least experience, the worst track records and the least political influence in America’s Black communities run to the political parties and the political candidates and say “Lucius Gantt thinks white people are devils” or “The Black newspaper won’t run free press releases because Black media owners don’t like white people”.

Well, I can’t speak for newspaper owners but many of Lucius Gantt’s best friends and most of my main clients are of European descent and you don’t have to tell them what I write about because they have been reading The Gantt Report and studying my media career far longer than my haters!

People of all races, creeds and colors sometimes do devilish deeds.

My clients around the world do more on the internet than post booty shots and comments about food! They check the facts.

They know what I write. It is no secret. And they know in 40 years as a professional journalist and political consultant I have never ever been told that something in the Gantt Report was libelous, slanderous or definitely untrue.

So, stop trying to be the Black equivalent of the old Indian scout that hated his tribe and rode away from his Native American brothers and sisters to help the pale face.

If you must say something about an African American person at least make sure you tell the truth.

Personally, I don’t want to work with a business, an individual or a political effort for people who prefer to listen to lies about Black workers and Black businesses, than to speak to the Black people being discussed face to face!

Never try to “come up” by lying and hating on your friends, family and coworkers. Instead of a “come up” in 2015 set yourself up for a come back and get ready to beat back your enemies either literally or figuratively!


By: Lucius Gantt

Mr. Gantt is the author of “Beast Too: Dead Man Writing”. He can be contacted at