Having Cash While Black — Rapper Attacked By Police After He Withdrew $200K To Buy Car

Having Cash While Black — Rapper Attacked By Police After He Withdrew $200K To Buy Car
Rapper Blac Youngsta being assaulted by cops for not being broke

AFRICANGLOBE – On Friday afternoon, a rapper was assaulted by police and had guns drawn on him because he took a large sum of money out of the bank. Blac Youngsta, born Sam Benson, withdrew $200,000 cash from a bank so he could purchase an expensive vehicle and was attacked by police as soon as he reached the parking lot because he was allegedly mistaken for a forgery suspect.

“I come out the bank, I see the police, I’m walking to my car, I see one of them point to my bag like ‘him,’. They come bum-rushing me at the car, put me on the ground, putting guns to my head. I’m like ‘What I’d do,’ A lady was like I’m not supposed to have $200,000 on me. I’m like, ‘I’m a millionaire. How can I not have $200,000 on me?’” Benson said.

“They couldn’t believe I was young, Black, handsome as hell, and they couldn’t believe I was getting $200K out. I had my Rolex on with all the diamonds in it, all my rich stuff today,“ he added.

Benson’s bank account reportedly has nearly $1.5 million deposited.

According to police, the bank allegedly called 911 to report a forgery suspect who attempted to cash a bad check worth $24,000.

Sgt. Warren Pickard of the Atlanta Police Department said that the incident was a “mistake.”

“It was quickly discovered that the person providing the description to police had provided the wrong description of the suspect. It was determined that the occupants of the vehicle were not involved. They were immediately released,” Pickard said.

“This incident did not directly involved Blac Youngsta, nor was he accused of committing a crime,” Pickard added

Benson told reporters that he withdrew the large sum of money to buy a new Mercedes as a celebration for his recent success in the music industry.

The thing is I’m a rapper. How I live my life, I don’t believe in checks. I’ve always dreamed about going in the bank, getting a half a million out and taking it to the car lot. Where I come from we don’t believe in taking checks to the car lot we pay cash money,” he said.

In the photos taken of the incident, the police can be seen laughing as Benson is on the ground.

However, the police did not leave without confiscating $100,000 from Benson, under the pretenses of investigating his finances to determine whether or not his money was “legitimately earned.”

Benson showed reporters the $100,000 that he had left and told them, “I might just take this right here and throw it in the strip club tonight just cuz they made me mad.”


By: John Vibes