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Your Child Is A Gift And Not A Pawn

Your Child Is A Gift And Not A Pawn
The Black family is the core of Black society.

AFRICANGLOBE – Fathers and mothers, please stop using your child or children as a pawn. When couples separate they sometimes tend to become emotional and the feelings they felt when they were creating their little bundle of joy are tossed out the window.

When parents split they may argue about property, money, alimony and of course child support. They may also fall out over heated arguments concerning their children. Arguments centered on what they will and will not do, regarding their offspring.

It is sad but, I have witnessed so many situations where men and women use their young to hurt the other parent. Some men become so upset when they are ordered to pay support, they refuse to see their child. On the other hand some women will not allow the father visitation, simply because they are no longer romantically involved. One wants to make the other’s life miserable. Soon there is a game of tug of war and control going on.

When such negativity is spread, the child is the one that suffers the most. Regardless if it is the mother or the father causing the damage, such actions may have a grave effect on the one that needs to be protected the most and that is the child.

Parents when you are no longer together, let us remember that the children had no part in being here. However, now that they are a part of your lives you must make every effort to get along with one another in order to raise your children in the healthiest environment possible.

This means no bad mouthing one another or arguing in front of the child. Also remember that both parties must take full responsibility in the rearing of your offspring. Let us not forget that it takes two parents to create a child and the same to adequately raise them.

Your child is a gift. Not a pawn.

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