Crying Will Not Help Black Race

Crying Will Not Help The Black Race
Black must adopt a more militant stance in order to protect their human rights globally

AFRICANGLOBE – Whoever inserted in the Bible; this is my understanding of it – no prophet has honour in their own village, did study the Black race, be they Africans or African-Americans.

Our struggling despite all the acclaimed human and material resources, to me hinges on that saying. We do not trust each other and hardly invest in each other.

The African-American by virtue of his/her presence in US is supposedly the most exposed, educated, resolute and informed Black person in the world given the mere fact of living and growing up in the world’s most sought after nation, US America.

They ought to be beacons for other Blacks outside of US.

But heck no, they are still wondering whether America is their own and they ought to equally and aggressively claim it as opposed to HELP and GIVE mentality.

In the dictionary of economics, two words HELP and GIVE, do not exist. In their place are Partnership and Investment respectively. Therefore, we ought to be seeking those who want to partner and invest with us as opposed to HELP and GIVE. We refuse to invest in us in order to expand the franchise and take an unapologetic position that one must first feed themselves before they seek to feed others. We have not fed ourselves, and as a result, we keep the song, HELP and GIVE us/me. Why?

On business development and why Africa has not benefited African-American business interests, Africa is just as disheveled and dis- oriented as the AA in US. If one wants to get a red carpet in getting anything out of Africa, they need to go with a white person. Independent African nations are dependent and go by what the West think about them.

One African president who was so enamoured of visiting Reagan in the White House said – “We belong to you”, meaning his country. Imagine that and digest its untold implications – subservient.

No wonder despite Africa having more presidents and prime ministers numbering something like 50, they still run after G-7.

If Africa supplies the world a third of raw materials needed to power and run most corporations in the world, how come it is still a poor continent and a dark one?

No white man holds a gun to the head of an African leader who decides it’s better to stash money in foreign banks instead of their home ones.

In the same vein, black athletes will go play for other institutions while HBCU are dying of revenue that could have accrued from their athletic prowess. Do you see the similarity? We black folks are quick to surrender what we have than others are willing to reciprocate. Slavery lasted as long as it did because black Africans were major players as well as referees in the trade. We must acknowledge that and quit blaming others.

Black Africans are not best business partners except if you are coming in with an Asian, almighty white, even Indians are seen and considered white and given preferential treatment. Until that mentality of self-devaluation is washed and done away with, Africa will forever be the playground for anyone willing to fleece her.

A piece I wrote long time ago titled “Blood does not lie”, was an attempt to compare and contrast the black Africans and African-Americans. I stated unapologetically that what the native African does in their native land, the African-American triples that because again, “no prophet has honour in their vil-lage”.’

It is time the black race stopped the crying and got competitive.

A leopard does not change spots overnight no matter the geography. At the end, we are BLACK and we seem to carry forward conduct that does not enhance us and place us competitive and at advantage.

We need to clean our house before inviting guests. Relationships are key in many things happen and unless we are building it and leveraging its attendant benefits, we must always remain out looking in and complaining.


By: Ejike Okpa