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In Defense Of Christopher Dorner, Not The Media Accused Murderer But The Truth

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Christopher Dorner
Christopher Dorner has accused the LAPD of racism and corruption

AFRICANGLOBE – Christopher Dorner has managed to live his entire life avoiding problems with the authorities, for a Black man to achieve such a feat in America is nothing short of stellar, for a Black man to achieve such a feat in California is nothing shy of a miracle, given the fact that you have the LAPD the U.S. justice system and the Mexican mafia after you.

Christopher Dorner is certainly not the outcast or raving lunatic as some in the media and the LAPD would have us believe. Christopher Dorner has served his country as a member of the United States Navy, an organisation that can only be entered into if a person possess the necessary teamwork and leadership skills, something most cowards who now speak disparagingly about him would never think of doing for lack of the afore mentioned qualities.

After leaving the navy full time he joined the Los Angeles Police Department, where he claimed to have witnessed corruption and the abuse of police power on numerous occasions. On one such occasion he claimed to have witnessed an officer kicking a homeless man suffering from schizophrenia and dementia twice in the chest and once in the face, leaving a bruising on the man’s cheek. This story was later corroborated by the man’s father.

On another occasion Christopher Dorner claimed to have witnessed another case of abuse, involving the same officer, who we now know to be his training officer. It is alleged that this female officer brutally ripped the flesh of an elderly woman.

After a dispute with his training officer regarding the discrepancies in the content of the police report about the incident involving the elderly man, who was allegedly kicked in the face and chest by his training officer, Christopher Dorner was fired from the Los Angeles Police Department in 2009 for “making false statements about his training officer,” even though the man’s family corroborated Dorner’s story.

Christopher Dorner filed a lawsuit against the department in October 2011. In the lawsuit he criticized the department for what he saw as an unjust firing.

There was also another incident in 2002 in Enid, Oklahoma when Christopher Dorner was hailed as a hero for handing over to the police a bag that he found in the middle of the street containing $8,000 in church donations, a moral test that most pastors today would not have passed, at the time Dorner said the good deed was “an integrity thing.

Those who are closest to Christopher Dorner are shocked by media reports regarding the man they know. Dorner’s friend, Oregon attorney James Usera, who used to go rabbit hunting with Dorner, told CBS News that his experience with Dorner was “overwhelmingly positive. I never saw any indications in him that he was violent or particularly aggressive, certainly nothing that would suggest to me that he could commit the crimes with which he’s been accused.”

However, Dorner’s former football coach Aaron Alford also said he watched Dorner become increasingly angry during his three years with the LAPD.

Was Christopher Dorner Driven Towards Violence?

In his manifesto Mr. Dorner also spoke of endemic racism and corruption within the LAPD, something no one who have ever found themselves on the receiving end of the brutality of the LAPD would dispute.

Knowing what we know today about Christopher Dorner and the history of the Los Angeles Police Department one would be foolish to think this man who has lived a life worthy of emulation would suddenly turn to violence without a reason.

LAPD opens fire on two elderly woman suspected of being one Christopher Dorner

I am sure the operation to find Christopher Dorner has already been turned into a kill mission, with corrupt officers salivating about who will be the lucky one to take his life and gain the lucrative bragging rights that comes with killing such a high profile “enemy” of the LAPD.

This kill mission is evident, based on the recent incident involving LAPD officers who allegedly mistaken two elderly Hispanic women for one Black Christopher Dorner, the officers immediately sprayed the vehicle which the women were using to deliver newspapers with bullets. The women’s attorney Glen Jonas after the incident told the media that, “There was no warning. There were no orders. No commands. Just gunshots.”

I am sure they do not want the secrets that Christopher Dorner know about the Los Angeles Police Department to see the light of day. I have heard different individuals accuse Christopher Dorner of being a murderer, others say whatever his grievances were he did not have to resort to killing innocent individuals, and for that reason whatever the outcome of this kill mission sent after him will be justified.

My opinion is this, unless you have ever been accused of a crime you did not commit and have been punished for such a crime without just cause you have no idea what might be going through Christopher Dorner’s mind when he decided to put his life on the line to clear his name.

The reason why most people will never understand the mindset of a man like Christopher Dorner is because most people have no idea what honour means. They have no idea what it means to have lived a life dedicated to the protection of ones dignity, honour and good name only to have it snatched from you by some lowlife crook wearing a badge.

Most people are just worthless consumers who are told what to believe by the media so in their minds Christopher Dorner has already been proven guilty in the court of public opinion, so he is now worthy of execution by the kill team sent to get him.

We have seen this mindless mentality before in the O.J. Simpson case, where the media pundits were saying one thing and the evidence was saying something different. History has thought us to be cautious in our judgement regarding such matters, but the masses being totally ignorant of the lessons of history, have totally disregarding the fact that under the American system of justice, a man is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. However while O.J. Simpson had his day in court we are afraid that Christopher Dorner’s testimony will never be heard.

So as I wait for the eventual outcome of this tragic story I am guided in my perspective by an old African proverb, which states, “Until the lion tells his story, the story of the hunt will always favour the hunter”




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