The difference between the lapsang souchong and Jinjunmei wholesale tea

    The difference between the lapsang souchong and Jinjunmei wholesale tea

    Jinjunmei and lapsang souchong are belongs to a kind of black tea, but both have what differentiation? These two kinds of tea from the time history there is a big difference. Eyebrow tea can say Jinjunmei is developed on lapsang souchong. Tea master hand techniques and traditional lapsang souchong technology combining the two together. Is the top representative in black tea industry of our country?
    Lapsang souchong and eyebrow both belong to wholesale tea and produced in wuyi paulownia close region, both of the intimate relationship. What’s the difference between lapsang souchong and Jinjunmei wholesale tea? Here, this article simply summarized their main difference, for a comprehensive understanding and divisional.

    (1) Origin of them
    Lapsang souchong, is the ancestor of black tea in the world. Also called PuShan small kind, is a kind of black tea, Chinese tea is with pine needles or pine wood smoke and become, has a very strong smell.

    Jinjunmei wholesale tea was invented by fujian Wuyi Mountain and is develop by mountain tea industry, the tea leaves as wild tea shoot tips, picking in mountain ecological wild tea tree of Wuyi Mountain national nature reserve in 1200-1800 meters above sea level, 6 to 80000 directions-moving party can made a kilo. Jinjunmei wholesale tea combinates lapsang souchong traditional process, the teacher all hand-made, is valuable. Jinjunmei wholesale tea is a branch of wuyi lapsang souchong, is currently China’s high-end top representative of wholesale tea.

    (2) The difference between them

    1. Fresh leaves.
    Both are taken from the same kind of tea tree, on the choice of fresh leaves, lapsang souchong adopts a bud leaf tea tree bud or one bud two leaves as fresh tea leaves, the Jinjunmei must be selected from bud that just opened, gather the most tender part of the head of the bud.

    2. Production process is different.
    Lapsang souchong and Jinjunmei is approximately the same craft, through development and innovation of researcher, has now Jinjunmei wholesale tea. It mainly differs in the fermentation and the smoking process. The making craft of Jinjunmei is more diligence, but another is made by the traditional classical process.

    3. Taste differences.
    In general, lapsang is with a heavy forger, also can saying is sweet longan. But Jinjunmei is mainly doing the light smoke or no smoking processing, the taste of the Jinjunmei is more slightly than it.

    4. History time
    lapsang is the ancestor of wholesale tea, the eyebrow is modern tea, so the quality in the time is different. The name is also different.
    5. Quality
    Jinjunmei is the high-quality goods in wholesale tea, and belongs to high-end tea, relative lapsang souchong, the price will be higher.
    Shape features also have a certain difference between the two, the taste of Jinjunmei wholesale tea will be better.

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