Employee Fired From Her Job for Having Bastard Baby

Employee Fired From Her Job for Having Bastard Baby
Bastard-baby-maker Venita Short is now pregnant and unemployed

AFRICANGLOBE – Venita Short, a daycare worker in Fayetteville, North Carolina was fired from her job allegedly for getting pregnant out of wedlock (bastard baby). Short told ABC News that she is planning to sue the daycare company, which is managed by New Life Baptist Church.

According to Short, she informed her bosses that she was pregnant, and they began asking her if she had plans to get married. After responding negatively to that question, she was fired. Critics are saying that the daycare is being contradictive because most of the kids at the day care are from single parent homes themselves.”I plan to get married one day, but not because I’m pregnant,” she told the administration.

Ed Wilson, the pastor of the church that owns the daycare, has yet to issue a statement.

Many say the church has gone too far and should not be judging their employees’ personal lives, but others say the church was right in enforcing that their employees have high moral standards.

What do you think, is this a good thing given the damage that single parenting and bastard children are doing to society, should more companies enforce these moral standards?