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Ethiopian DNA Link To Queen Of Sheba Fully Debunked


Queen Of Sheba Relics Only Found In Sudan

Ethiopian DNA Link to Queen of Sheba - Fully Debunked
Ruins of ancient Nubia seat of the Kandake Queens

Lastly, the story of the Queen of Sheba is told in many countries and has many ancient manuscripts devoted to it, it is mentioned in the Bible, Koran and Kebra Nagast. Many countries from Saudi Arabia, Yemen to modern Ethiopia have claimed to have been the ancient seat of the Queen of Sheba but they have all failed to pass the geographical, cultural and artifactual tests needed to substantiate their claim, leaving such claim as mere popular legend. There is only one country that fits the geographical, cultural and artifactual requirements to be considered the land of the Queen of Sheba and that is Nubia. First its geographical location being immediately south of Egypts is accurate which proves that it is the ancient Ethiopia mentioned by the Bible and the Greek writings, which neither Yemen, Saudia Arabia nor modern Ethiopia can claim. It has a history of female rulers, nowhere in history has women weilded more power than in Nubia for which it was legendary, it also had a line of Queens who used the title Kandake which corresponds with the biblical record of Acts 8:26-40. As far as i know a woman has never ruled in Arabia, though modern Ethiopia also has a history of powerful Queens it has never had a lineage of female rulers. It is only in Nubia that we can find the temples and palaces built by the Kandake Queens a fact that neither Yemen, Saudi Arabia nor Ethiopia can deny. So we see that the authors attempt to link Ethiopia’s shared genes with populations in Israel and Syria to a supposed migration into Ethiopia via the offspring of the legendary Queen of Sheba is nothing but a farce.

Modern Ethiopia considers itself to be the birthplace of humanity, and nowhere on this earth is there more archaeological and paleontological evidence to back up that claim than in Ethiopia itself, home to the world’s oldest human fossils to which Ethiopians can trace their DNA. Are we supposed to believe that these ancient Africans who lived and died in Africa who are the oldest ancestors to modern humans and modern Ethiopians were not pure Africans.  With the exception of the Arabs no foreign population has ever migrated back to Africa and established any lasting nation in their own racial identity. So the more important question to ask is how did Ethiopians come to share a significant part of their genetic material with these people who dwell in the area of Israel and Syria if none of those people had ever conquered Ethiopia or migrated there en masse?


Ethiopian DNA Link To Queen Of Sheba - Fully Debunked
Dinknesh’s fossil is one of the oldest human remains ever discovered

Modern humans (Homo-sapiens sapiens) had their origin in Africa a fact that cannot be disputed. North-east Africa which encompases Ethiopia, Somalia, Sudan and Egypt has always been the gateway from which Africans migrate to the rest of the world, so it is no suprise that most non-African populations will share a significant part of their DNA with Africans who dwell in that region of the continent, this is even more true for groups that have recently left Africa and became integrated or absorbed into other races. Africans are the worlds only genetically pure modern humans (Homo-sapiens sapiens) all other non-African races have between 4-6% Neanderthal DNA within them. Truly modern humans in the genetic sense which Ethiopians are, cannot be genetically considered the offspring of any non-African racial groups, so the fact that Ethiopians might share some genetic similarities with populations in Syria and Israel is in no way indicative of them being the offspring of these non-Africans it is actually the other way around, they are the children of the Ethiopians. A fact that Herodotus and his Persian historians might have helped to shed some light on thousands of years ago, when he stated that the people who became know as the Phoenicians who populated parts of Israel and Syria had their origin in the Erythraean Sea (Red Sea). So in an effort to annex Ethiopia’s culture and history these professors have only given more credence to Herodotus’ writings that the Phoenicians had their origin in what is today considered Ethiopia.




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