Explorng KwaZulu-Natal

    Explorng KwaZulu-Natal

    Luxury holidays in South Africa present a wide variety of options for holidaymakers. From idyllic beaches to authentic African safaris, and hot springs in desert settings to rolling lush green hills, South Africa travel is diverse and beautiful. One of the most beautiful regions in the country is KwaZulu-Natal, where rolling hills and beautiful shoreline set the perfect scene for holidays.

    The Zulu Kingdom

    As the name suggests, KwaZulu-Natal is home to the Zulu African tribe. In the Zulu language, ‘kwa’ means of, so the literal translation of the province’s name means ‘of the Zulus.’ The Zulu people have lived in the area for centuries, and their rich culture is evident throughout the region. uShaka Zulu was the Zulu king, and you will find his name throughout the country whilst on South Africa travels, with many sites being named after him.

    To give foreigners insight into their culture and way of life, tours to rural villages are offered, and the residents welcome guests into their village. Provided you do not go with a voyeuristic attitude, the locals are likely to greet you with open arms. You can enjoy a pint of traditional beer with the locals, and if you want to learn your fortune or cure any ailments, you can make a stop at the house of the isangoma, an African witchdoctor. All in all, you will be given the opportunity to partake in Zulu traditions on your South Africa travels.

    Inanda Township

    On tailor-made holidays to South Africa, a common daytime excursion is to go on a township tour. While some people may view this as politically incorrect, these tours actually generate a considerable amount of money into the local communities, and are generally focused on cultural experiences and opening up different communities to the world. Township tours in the KwaZulu-Natal province frequently occur in the Inanda township, just outside the city of Durban. On this tour you will have the opportunity to visit the Ohlange School, started by ANC founder John Dube, making for a historically fascinating trip. You will also get to visit a local shebeen, where you can enjoy a drink or two in the buzzing heart of the community.
    Hluhluwe Umfolozi Game Reserve

    This game reserve is the only reserve in KwaZulu-Natal to host all the members of the Big 5, making it a great stopping point for South Africa travellers. While this is not one of the better known South African game reserves, it provides an excellent safari opportunity nonetheless. On your game drives, in addition to seeing the Big 5, you can expect to see giraffe, blue wildebeest and even the rare wild dog, as well as a range of smaller game. And with the warm climate of KwaZulu-Natal, you can expect to have a sunny safari on your tailor-made holiday in South Africa.

    Umhlanga and Umhloti

    Umhlanga and Umhloti are two of the most beautiful beaches in KwaZulu-Natal, and are extremely popular amongst holidaymakers on their South Africa travels. Situated about half an hour outside the city of Durban, these two beautiful beaches are easy to reach. Pretty rock pools are waiting to be explored, and the warm Indian Ocean water is enticing in the hot Durban sun. But swimmers should be aware that the currents are strong, and they should not wander too far from the designated swimming areas monitored by lifeguards.

    Whatever type of experience you want from you luxury holiday in South Africa, KwaZulu-Natal is sure to provide you with a range of activities to choose from. And in this diverse region you can go from idyllic beach settings to game reserves to vibrant community settings within a matter of hours.

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