Why more and more holiday makers are opting for tailor made travel holidays

    Why more and more holiday makers are opting for tailor made travel holidays

    Tailor made travel works predominantly well when you want to explore a different area of your holiday destination or add more than one destination to your holiday, for example you could combine your holiday to Australia with a trip to Tasmania or New Zealand, or to break up the flight to Australia you could opt to stay in Singapore or Thailand for a few days, taking in some Asian culture whilst recharging the batteries before your Australian adventure begins. A tailor made travel experience essentially allows all your needs to be catered for and placed into one package.

    A country which provides the perfect tailor made experiences is South Africa; it’s a country which is nicknamed the rainbow city because of the countries diverse culture. The country is also known as a world in one nation because there is simply so much to see and do that you could spend years in South Africa and would never be able to explore everything.

    South Africa rewards its visitors with spectacular landscapes, warm and vibrant people, unprecedented adventure and extraordinary wildlife. South Africa is a very popular destination which often requires a tailor made holiday to cater for an individual’s desires. You are truly spoilt for choice with an abundance of extraordinary cities to explore such as Durban, Cape Town, Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth and Newcastle; it can be a head ache choosing between each location as you’ll want to visit them all. A top tip would be to research into what you’d like to do whilst you’re in South Africa and create your holiday around the things you’d like to do.

    A highlight to any visit to South Africa is a trip to one of South Africa’s 21 national parks, the most popular being the Kruger National Park. The Kruger National Park is the country’s largest National safari park and is one of the largest on the continent boasting an unparalleled array of wildlife, birds and mammals. Others highlights of a tailor made holiday to South Africa include riding an Ostrich, canoeing through a desert in bloom, going on a luxury cruise, riding the luxury blue train, swimming with great white sharks and checking out the local football team.

    Due to the ever demanding customer and the highly competitive travel industry, you are now able to almost write your holiday down on a piece of paper and have it created for you. No matter what you decide to do on your tailor made holiday please make sure that you enjoy yourself and that you take plenty of time to plan your ultimate vacation.

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