Islamic Terrorism is No Answer to African Problems

Islamic Terrorism
Islamic terrorist are hell bent on spreading Arab rule over the world

AFRICANGLOBE – My Dictionary defines terrorism as acts designed to intimidate people, arouse intense fear of harm and death in them so that out of the desire to live and not be killed by terrorist they embrace the public policy choice the terrorist espouses.

Why is terrorism prevalent in human society? It is because human beings live in bodies and bodies are vulnerable; bodies are prone to harm and death. Those who live in bodies and desire to live and knowing that their bodies could be destroyed are afraid of harm and death; they do things to avoid harm and death.

Terrorists are aware that people want to live and fear harm and death; they deliberately and randomly kill people and inflict maximum harm on innocent civilians and hope to induce optimal fear of harm and death in the rest of the population. Terrorists’ hope that out of fear of what the terrorists could do to them people would embrace the terrorists’ public policy choice.

Terrorists, in effect, want to use fear and intimidation to get people to accept their views on how to organize society. Their philosophy is: do as we ask you to do or else we kill you. Terrorists use fear to control people. They do not use reason to persuade people into accepting their public policy option. For example, in the long run, Arab Muslims want to get the entire
world to embrace their religion and in the short run they want the West to sacrifice the nation of Israel, give the land to Arabs. Arab Muslim terrorists thus embark on killing Westerners with the hope of generating such fear in them that they would embrace Islam and give Palestine to the Arabs.

Terrorists additionally want to create chaos and anarchy; they want to create a breakdown of law and order in society, create so much havoc that nothing works and then hope to ride in and take over society and impose their ideas of what society ought to look like. In the case of Muslim terrorists, their hope is to transform society to seventh century Arabia (Mohammed’s era).

Terrorists want to disrupt the economy so that the economic system breaks down as people cower in their hiding places and not go to work. An example of where this has happened is in Northeastern Nigeria (around Maiduguri). Here, a Muslim terrorist group called Boko Haram (who eschew Western education and want to live in a preliterate seventh century Arabia like environment) has brought most economic activity in the region to a standstill; people are afraid to leave their homes or gather in work places for fear of being the victim of a terrorist bombing. The result is that the Muslims who live in that region of Nigeria no longer go to work; their children no longer go to school. Muslims are the ones suffering in Maiduguri.

The Southern Christian part of Nigeria is largely untouched by Islamic terrorism and progresses. In effect, Muslims are their own worst enemies; they are setting their people backwards, as the Taliban terrorists set Afghanistan backwards, so backwards that the people now live in the Stone Age! Other people build rockets to transport them into space to explore space while Afghans consider riding donkeys’ progress in transportation!

Terrorists who kill persons they do not know, children included are maximally evil persons; they are wicked beyond belief. Individual terrorists generally have anti-social personality disorder and have no sense of guilt or remorse from their criminal activities; they rationalize their criminal acts with the notion of religion; their God tells them that it is okay to kill some of his children so as to make the rest of them live in fear of death (the real God wants people to live a fear free existence).

On April 15, 2013 two Chechen Muslims in America set off bombs at the finishing lines of the Boston Marathon. That explosion killed strangers; children included, and hurt almost two hundred persons. The Muslim terrorists wrecked maximum havoc on the people and city of Boston: for a week the chaos they created literally brought the economy of Boston to standstill; perhaps over a billion dollars in economic activity was lost. Islamic terrorists do this sort of thing all the time; therefore, it is rational to consider Islam a terrorist organization.

Terrorism and Islam

The current canard is that Islam is a religion of peace. Really? When did Islam become a religion of peace? Let us quickly review its history and see the trail of violence that has always characterized Islam. Mohammad, the founder of Islam, was born in Mecca (in today’s Saudi Arabia) in 570 AD. He worked as a camel driver for a wealthy couple. When the man died his wife, Khadija, at the age of 54 married 25 year old Mohammed.

Mohammad who hitherto was poor is now in the money. He had all the time in the world on his hands. He began going into surrounding hills, sitting in a cave to meditate. In 610 AD the 40 year old Mohammad claimed that the angel Gabriel was talking to him. Since he was illiterate and could not write down what his voices were telling him he got his friend, Abubaker to write it down.

The result of that channeling is the Koran, now the Muslim Holy Book. Essentially, Mohammed took the Christianity that he was familiar with and massaged it a bit and claimed to be the person that Jesus had promised his followers would come and consolidate his teaching (Christians believe that it is the Holy Spirit but Mohammad claims to be the person). Mohammed called himself the seal of the prophets, the last prophet who is here to consolidate what the Abrahamic prophets had always been talking about.

Mohammed asked people to totally submit to the will of God (Allah) and his prophet, himself. That is, he is to become the unquestioned dictator telling people about God and they had to obey him. The people of Mecca did not take him seriously; indeed, he was considered a madman, a hallucinating psychotic, claiming that his voice came from God. This assessment of the man was lent credence by his tendency to have indiscriminate sex with many women including with a ten year old, girl called Aisha.

People who have sex with ten year old children are pedophiles and insane so people had reason to see Mohammed as insane and went after him and he ran away.

Mohammed ran from his native Mecca to Medina and while at Medina organized a militia and with it came back to Mecca and fought the people and defeated them and converted them to his Islam with the sword. That is to say that the religion of Islam began in violence and is maintained with violence and continues in violence.

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  1. Christians are far far worst than islam, although it is still the religion of invading slave traders and racists, if your not following the religion of your own heritage you are a slave

  2. the problem is not Christianity or Islam these are actually African religions originally the problem is the fake arabs version and fake form of Christianity forced down our throats

  3. If u condemn Islam you condemn the great leaders I mentioned earlier. Malcolm X was a devout Muslim and was also a great freedom fighter for Pan Africanism. Many great pan africanists are Muslims, you disrespect them also. You exhibit mental midgetry when you make shallow analysis like this crap.

  4. Well I’m from Cape Town, South Africa so let me give you a simple example from the songs of my people… Back in the very old days the social structure was that while all slaves were non-whites, some were treated better than others. Obviously Native slaves were treated the worst. At the top of this hierarchy were skilled slaves and political exiles. The latter were sent here from the Indonesian archipelago which to correct the ignorant idea that Islam is (today at least) an “Arab” phenomenon is the region of the world most densely populated by Muslims. Anyway fast forward to the gradual abolishment of slavery and the identity void this creates in the mind of the slave. Whereas before the Native slave was seen as a non-person, conversion to Islam brought with it the privilege of being able to be buried in a communal graveyard, the freedom to worship in whatever Muslim place of worship they wished to, in other words to enjoy the rights conferred by belong to a set of of freed slaves where everyone saw each other as (relatively) equal in social status. Are there any black men in your circle of friends with actual African names such as Sipho, Thabo or Mzoli? No, what we see is Charles, William and George! In fact, among the more “grassroots” of our people the call to prayer is still referred to as the “Bilal”, which as may or may not be aware of is the name of the freed black slave who made the first call to prayer in Islam. Do you suppose that the white masters of these slaves upon freeing them welcomed them into their white churches, allowed them to be buried in their whites-only graveyards or institutionalized apartheid on the edifice of “Christian principles”. You probably cannot fathom what this means but consider for a moment that according to the wikipedia article _Islam in the United States_ up to 30% of slaves brought from Africa. It would be unfair not to mention Islam’s role in the trade of non-Muslim slaves but let’s not lose sight of the fact that elsewhere in the Muslim world slaves were capable of being promoted to the role of governors and high-ranking soldiers, in other words they were largely treated better than slaves in non-Muslim lands. So having said all of this the article looks even more of an hackjob attempt to clutch at straws to make some black man somewhere feel good, even if there’s some selective amnesia that has to be applied. As Ralph Ellison said, when I discover who I am I will be free.


  6. I think we let arabs run(dominant) the religion, just like euros come to run christianity. these arabs now are semitic so therefore come from africans/euros.

  7. Islam is a religion though younger than christianity but there is a difference between white Islam and Black Islam once you learn the differece you will understand why Africanglobe made this comment.

  8. As usual more ignorant utterances masquerading as insightful commentary from this page’s esteemed moderator. By this measure Islam did the Africans a favour.

  9. Cush. Islam is not of Africa. African people can trace their ancestry back at least 300,000 years. Islam is relatively recent. The European created Islam, Christianity, and Judaism. They knew that they could capture your mind in any one of these three. Go back to what worked, true spirituality of our ancestors. Even in Islam there are ancestral rituals practiced but why take a substitute. Go back to the original.

  10. The article makes absolutly no sense at all, cause then with that kind of fuzzy logic, Catholocism must not be a religion for doing the same regarding the Vatican’s centrality, and the Latin mass. Africans just need to stop the playa hatin BS and learn to get along with one another! Do you think there could be a million man march in Lagos without everyone trying to kill each other over religion and political party differences?

  11. Islam is more African than ANY religion on earth! Africa is the most diverse land in the world, so what exactly is “Afrikan”. Arabism is the political ideology your referring to. Until you “traditionalists” can produce a Malcolm, Sekou Ture, Jamil Al Amin, Dhuruba Moore, all great African muslim revolutionary leaders. They prove your premise wrong and require more mental work on your part or you are dissing their intellectual abilities to pick a religion that works for their liberation.

  12. This is really not up for debate! Whatever organization you’re in,if Africa and killing those who dont belong there is not the heart of your operation,then its frivolous.

  13. The continent of Africa need to go back to African Traditional Religion. There shouldn’t have been a Arab leader in Libya and Egypt in the first place. The Black Africans in these countries need to take back their country. If the Arabs don’t want to obey a Black African leader, they need to go back to the Middle East where they came from.