Julius Malema’s Expulsion — A Blow To Free Speech In South Africa

Julius Malema's Expulsion; A Blow to Free Speech in South Africa
ANC Youth League President Julius Malema.

AFRICANGLOBE – So a few years ago i was watching a BBC program on television, it was a feature on apartheid and the current political situation in South Africa. As usual anything pertaining to African Peoples both at home and in the diaspora is something i make time for and take in with great enthusiasm and patience. At one point in the program they interviewed this Dutch woman who had South African citizenship i think she calls herself an Afrikaner (whatever that is), the interviewer asked a question pertaining to the political position of Whites; “Afrikaners” and those who supported apartheid.

What would be their role in the new South Africa given the fact that the political parties that they supported in the past had been so overwhelmingly defeated by the ANC? How would they accomplish their political aspirations and defend their interests seeing as though the ANC whose leaders and rank-and-file members who had made a career fighting against everything the “Afrikaner” stood for, now has almost monopolistic political power throughout the government and society and it was clear would do so for a very long time to come.

Her answer was classical; shrewd and an eye opener, she said more or less that if Whites in South Africa wanted to protect their interest and the status quo they would have to join the ANC, she further stated that she would encourage all her White friends to do so too, for the only way “Afrikaners” could have a political say in the new democratic South Africa with the overwhelming majority of the country’s voting population being African, was to join the largest political party, the ANC.

The old if you can’t beat them join them trick, or maybe it was the divide  and rule them trick? Whatever it was it seems to be working perfectly.

And Now Some Wise Words From A Fool  

In his book Mein Kampf which i strongly suggest every person of African decent reads (bootleg it do not buy it) Adolf Hitler wrote that a political organisation is at its greatest risk of failure not at its genesis but at a point when it becomes successful and takes political power and at that point should severely restrict or altogether stop adding new members.

Reason being that at the beginning of any political movement it is only those who truly believe in the party’s ideology and principles who will gravitate towards its message and join, it is only those few brave souls who will stand against the tide of the majority to clearly and boldly state that their belief is different and that their views and ideology is opposite or contrary to that of the sheeple. Such was the courage and boldness of Pixley Ka Isaka; Solomon Tshekisho Plaatje; John Langalibalele Dube, the founding members of the ANC.

When a political movement is successful and has its members at the levers of power it tend not to attract diehard ideological supporters but freeloading selfish opportunist who have no interest whatsoever in what the political movement stands for or what it is trying to achieve but their only goal is to secure for themselves an assured means of upward social mobility and as Newt Gingrich puts it “make a little money while you are at it.” Such as the Dutch woman with the South African passport.

Is Free Speech A Crime In The New South Africa

With that said tonight the ANC’s disciplinary committee chaired by a White “Afrikaner” by the name of Derek Hanekom decided to expel the president of the ANC’s Youth League Julius Malema for what it said was disciplinary issues. among the infractions the committee cited was the fact that Mr. Malema was openly critical of President Jacob Zuma; that he called for the overthrow of the government of a neighbouring country and that he sowed discontent within the party. Really!

Now lets think for a minute, in supposedly democratic South Africa in the year 2012 it is possible for a grown man such as Mr. Malema to be punished not for committing a crime or hurting a fellow citizen, but for simply speaking his mind and having a differing opinion with the country’s President, Jacob Zuma. For that cardinal sin that is freedom of speech he has been politically banished from the same party that he joined as an underage child and was trained by its military wing to fight and if need be die for those same rights, that he is now being punished for asserting.

Forced discipline is not something one adult does to another it is something those who commit themselves to the military are subjected to, it is something prison guards do to prisoners who are officially regarded as government property, it is something a parent does to a child. Mr. Malema does not fall in any of those categories.

For those who are watchers of American politricks, just think for a second of Rick Santorum or Newt Gingrich being kicked out of the Republican Party for wanting to attack Iran which they often make no secret of, or for openly criticising President Obama, you cannot even fathom it.

The Real Reason For Malema’s Expulsion

Julius Malema has been openly vocal about the economic situation in South Africa which is one of the most uneven societies in the world, accordingly to the South African government’s own statistics Whites in South Africa although they make up less than 10% of the country’s population owns over 87% of the country’s land. The wealth gap between the two races has widened 18 times in favour of Whites since the end of apartheid, Whites in S.A. are now the richest they have ever been. While Black unemployment stands at a staggering 31% for Whites it is closer to 4%. All the country’s major industries and the upper echelons of the organs of state are still in the hands of the White minority.

Manufacturing; mining; retail; financial; construction;tourism the media you name it they are all in the hands of the White minority. This also include the top brass of the military; navy; airforce and crucially the judiciary. For some well connected political actors in S.A. these are good times, but for the vast majority of South Africans the end of apartheid brought little positive change to their dire economic situation.

It was in light of those realities that Julius Malema openly and rightfully campaigned for the nationalisation of the country’s mines and for the government to speed up the process of economic change by giving back lands to those whose ancestors were forcibly removed from it to make way for White settlement. it was this campaign for economic justice that earned Mr. Malema the ire of South Africa’s wealthy White elite. Somehow he had stoked their greatest fear, the fear that someday they will have to restore to its rightful owners that which they had stolen.

Truth be told it was mainly the White elites in South Africa and their European kin and kind who has the most to lose if the policies that Julius Malema advocates become law, it was they who wanted him out of the political picture in S.A. For the first time since the end of political apartheid the masses had found a voice and were making demands of the State. The fact that they could seek and effectively use the organs of the ANC to carry out there sinister plot shows who really is in control of the country and its ruling party. Apartheid did not die it just infiltrated the ANC.