Lil Wayne Just Spent $17 Million On This Miami Home

Lil Wayne Just Spent $17 Million On This Miami Home
Lil Wayne.

AFRICANGLOBE – Recently, a gorgeous island mansion in Miami was purchased for $17 million. The buyer was a man with a very innocuous-sounding name, Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr. If you do a little digging, you might discover that Mr. Carter goes by many nicknames, for example Lil Weezy, or Tunechi. But let’s be real. Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. is best-known by one name: Lil Wayne.

This would not be the first time Weezy dropped big bucks on a Miami Island mansion. Back in 2011, Lil Wayne bought this house on nearby La Gorce Island for $11.6 million. He then spent several million dollars renovating the house, adding an enormous indoor shark lagoon, glass elevators and a rooftop skate park.

Weezy might have had some negative memories from his former house which motivated his sale and move to this new property. After all, he was swatted at the old house TWICE. The first incident occurred in 2015 after someone reported that four people had been shot at the house. An army of police officers showed up at 3 in the afternoon. Instead of finding dead bodies, they found Weezy upstairs taking a nap. After the second swatting incident, Weezy was so angry at the cops that he had to be briefly handcuffed in his own house.

That might explain why Wayne agreed to sell that house for $10 million, a $1.6 million loss. Actually it was worse than that. He originally listed the house for $18 million, then dropped it to $12m before accepting $10m.

But let’s talk about his new house!

Lil Wayne’s new 7-bedroom Allison Island mansion is 10,600 square-feet. It has 22-foot ceilings in the entryway, suede wall coverings and a movie theater. Honestly it’s incredible. Check this bad boy out: