Man Beaten by Woman With Cane After Racist Rant

Woman Beat Racist With Cane
He got what he deserver

AFRICANGLOBE – A man learned the hard way that words have consequences when he was attacked by a woman with a cane after allegedly yelling racial slurs at her and a number of other people on a downtown Seattle sidewalk last Thursday.

According to the Seattle Police Department report for the incident, officers arrived in the 500 block of Third Avenue shortly after midnight to find the suspect screaming racial slurs at a number of mostly Black patrons standing outside a nearby business.

Bystanders told officers the suspect started yelling racial slurs at the group before getting in a particular woman’s face and pointing at her. The woman had since left the scene, but bystanders said the suspect told her he was going to cut off her head and stick it down her throat.

In response, the woman started beating the man in the face with her cane, cutting his lip bad enough to require stitches, according to the report.

According to the report, the suspect told officers he confronted the woman because she did not pay him for some hair clippers he sold her.

“I advised [the suspect] that some people get offended when you use certain words,” Officer Crumpton wrote in the report. “He stated he did not care and he was proud to be a ‘White cracker.’”