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The Mayans Were Right The World Might Actually Be Ending

The Mayans Were Right The World Might Actually Be Ending
The Mayan calendar is a copy of the Egyptian calendar

AFRICANGLOBE – The Mayans predicted that the world would end on December 21, 2012. Of course these were Mexicans with no internet and such a bold prophecy from a tribe from so long ago should never be taken seriously. However, the world has seem to find relevancy and even “evidence” in this claim as many do actually think the world is coming to an end. We have Hollywood to thank for this.

One thing about the Mayans that many don’t tend to mention is that for a tribe of their era they were actually extremely advanced. When it came to astrology, their discoveries were way ahead of their time. The Mayans clearly had a vision of the future: they predicted droughts and disease outbreaks and they even foresaw the mundane monotony of what would come to be known as modern society.

The Mayas did make prophecies, not in a fatalistic sense, but rather about events that, in their cyclical conception of history, could be repeated in the future. The Mayans knew what direction the world was going in. Could it be that we are thinking of the world ending in the wrong way?

Sure Hollywood has projected us an image of natural disasters and buildings and cities falling apart but what if that is not what the Mayans actually predicted would happen? What if they saw us simply destroying the world with our own violent nature?

The world is in a desperate time right now. The news won’t tell you that because they want you to stay sane and not go out there and stock your house with guns.

The economical balance of the world is about to end because countries are trapped in recessions even worse than what we experienced a few years ago. The whole world is involved with war, each country deploying troops all over the world to ensure security.

People are dying at a completely unnecessary rate. And worst of all, 20 kids had their lives stripped away from them last Friday for no reason. When you look at the world we live in today, can we really say that it is a place we are happy to call our world?

The Mayans stressed the concept of a cycle within their prophecy. What if that cycle they were talking about was actually humanity’s destruction of itself? What if the world was going to wipe all the bad away by itself? Think about all the nuclear weapons being developed in way too many countries these days.With the push of a button, the world would end in a matter of seconds.

What many are not realizing is that we have made this world a terrible place. We have become terrible people. We have taken the beauty of life and destroyed it. We are ungrateful, unappreciative and have no dignity in our responsibilities as people.

They say may God be with us and our world. But a famous line from the movie Blood Diamond ends with Leonardo Dicaprio’s character saying that God has left this place along time ago because of how ugly humanity has become.

The Mayans predicted the world ending because the people that inhabit it would turn into vicious animals who doesn’t understand what it means to be alive. Looking at the world we live in today, this prediction doesn’t seem too bold after all.

We have taken the gift of life and spat in its face. No one should be proud about what our society has turned into and the direction it seems like it is going. The world is a scary place that will one day self destruct not from someone else’s doing but our own.

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