Michael Brown Shooting: We Must Defend Ourselves

Michael Brown Shooting: We Must Defend Ourselves
Every 28 hours an unarmed Black man is murdered by America cops

AFRICANGLOBE – When White people feel their lives or their children’s lives are in danger or they are being threatened Whites are encouraged to purchase hand guns and automatic assault rifles.

When Black men, women and children are slapped, punched, body slammed, choked, shot down and killed by neighborhood watchmen, policemen and other law enforcers hired to protect Black people we are told to pray, march and sing!

I am so tired of hearing preachers, lawyers and others that stand to benefit financially whenever a Black child, or adult, is wrongfully hurt or killed tell Black people to calm down sit back and let us handle it I don’t know what to do.

I say all Americans, especially Black Americans, should defend themselves!

The trigger happy law enforcers that hope and dream that today is the day they will be able to discharge their weapons and kill innocent citizens are more than a few.

The worse thing is the good cops, sheriffs and neighborhood watch people outnumber the bad cops by a large margin and all they have to do to prevent civil disturbances, riots, mayhem, burning and looting is to tell the truth.

But what do they do? They abide by the one-way “code of silence”!

I say one-way because bad cops have no problem exposing good cops that make mistakes. But all of them get quiet as a church mouse when they are asked if a citizen shooting or choking was legal or illegal.

Thank God for “Anonymous”, the secret computer hacker(s) that are telling what is being hidden by cops in Missouri like the officers name that killed the innocent Black teen and the overkill of shot after multiple shots that were fired at the unarmed murdered teenage boy!

Now, even more than in slavery days, we must defend ourselves. We must protect ourselves, our families and our communities because no one else will protect us.

If you don’t know, in slavery days, one White overseer or one White slave master could control 100 strong Black slaves with a small stick, what we today call a switch.

Michael Brown Shooting: We Must Defend Ourselves
Marching and protesting have not solved the issue of police terror against Black people, it is time for a different approach

In 2014, it takes a SWAT team in an armored vehicle clothed in body armor and strapped down with automatic pistols, shot guns, assault rifles, mace, pepper spray, metal batons and a backup team of plain clothes officers that number in the teens to take down one unarmed Black child!

I’m not suggesting that people living in Black neighborhoods take up arms and go to war with police forces. That would be crazy. Today’s cops are not Andy Griffin of Mayberry. Cops today are “The Expendables 4”!

I say arm yourself with knowledge and wisdom. Give police your name and address and say nothing else, zero! Request a lawyer and go from there.

If you’re not murdered, you will have your day and time to stand up and speak out about any mistreatment that you have received.

Bad cops are brave when they have guns, brave when they have SWAT team backup and brave when you are scared to death.

Obey the law but don’t ever be afraid to defend yourself from wrongful, illegal and hateful attacks by bad people of any kind or any title!

I am glad that a Presidential statement was made about the circumstances surrounding the shooting death of the teen in Missouri but the statement was made at the end of a briefing about how US tax dollars were spent, how soldiers were deployed and how air strikes were made to protect far away Iraqi citizens who are also being murdered for wrongful reasons.


By: Lucius Gantt

Mr. Gantt is the author of “Beast Too: Dead Man Writing”. He can be contacted at www.allworldconsultants.net



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