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Recolonization By Homosexualization: Plan To Diminish Africans?


Recolonization By Homosexualization: Plan To Diminish Africans?
Gays have repeatedly insulted Black history and struggle

AFRICANGLOBE – A Zimbabwean church leader probably put it more poignantly recently when he said God had zero tolerance on homosexuals, a remark that clearly suggests that God, who is not forgetful, like humans, will certainly bring damnation on modern prototypes of Sodom and Gomorrah which fire reduced to nothingness as a demonstration of God’s anger.

Yet, ironically, the same people who centuries ago came to Africa from the West brandishing the Bible to tame and civilise native pagans in the “dark continent” are the same people who today are again working hard to recolonise the minds of Africans through homosexuality — in direct conflict with God’s opposition to inverted sex as demonstrated by gays and lesbians.

Western countries are using the carrot and stick to force African governments to accept and accommodate sodomy. Those who comply receive the carrot, which is aid, a sure pull factor for the development of less affluent economies.

Those who reject homosexuality get the stick: they are denied international capital as sanctions. What is even more tragic is that the church in the West happens to be in the forefront, pushing for a worldwide embrace of homosexuality. Just recently the Seventh Day Adventist Church’s world vice President Ella Simons called at a leadership conference in Cape Town, South Africa, on SDA congregates to be compassionate towards homosexuals and her remarks immediately hit a brick wall in the SDA in Zimbabwe where the SDA’s communications director, Nkosilathi Khumalo read out the chapter and verse in the Bible about God’s no-nonsense stance against homosexuality. Khumalo quoted Leviticus 20 vs 13 which reads: “if a man lies with a male as if he were a woman, both men have committed an offence (something perverse, unnatural, abhorrent and detestable) they shall surely be put to death, their blood shall be upon them.”

In the scramble for Africa, Western nations sought new lands to colonise and expropriate resources to develop Europe.  But really, what do the Western countries derive from their push of homosexuality on the African continent?

Do they want to offload their own gays and lesbians on African countries to create an acceptable new culture of homosexuality as a norm?

When more gay marriages overtake heterosexual marriages is there no risk of diminishing African populations and possibly even rendering the populations virtually extinct?

This pen poses the question above, which some might consider nebulous because it sees no direct benefit derived accruing to those fervently pushing for the embrace of homosexuals. In fact, is the West not trying to make good with homosexuality its failure to create a virus in the laboratory that would have exterminated the black race altogether?

It is common knowledge the country where an experiment went berserk and produced HIV, which claims millions of lives around the globe each year got away with murder. Yet smaller countries remain mealy-mouthed about the AIDS toll that amount to a monumental crime against humanity and for which the creator of the HIV virus ought to be summarily condemned without trial for causing a monumental crime against God’s people.

Zimbabwe, through President Mugabe, is on record as saying no, no, no to gays and lesbians, and the SDA church in this country must be commended for its outspoken, vehement opposition to gays and lesbians. Sadly, however, the silence of other church denominations surely raises suspicion that homosexuality thrives in those churches but is kept under wraps by those involved for their own protection: otherwise why not join the chorus against that unnatural practice which finds no soft spot anywhere in the heart of our Creator?

The church, not politicians should ideally be in the forefront of the fight against any and all nefarious practices that are not beneficial to Africa.

Christians should come out in force to campaign for decency in their societies. Silence automatically renders them accomplices of evil doers in the minds of those who hold them in high esteem as torch bearers for the masses in a world over which the proponents of homosexuality has cast a menacing and ever creeping shadow.


By: Stephen Mpofu

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