Santorini: Majestic and Historic

    Santorini: Majestic and Historic

    Greece is well known for its history and picturesque landscape. It is home to one of the oldest civilizations known in the history of mankind. And although this country has moved on to become one of the most progressive ones in the world, the country’s rich history is still very obvious from the architecture found in Greece, particularly in the archipelago of Santorini.

    Also known as Thera, Santorini is actually an archipelago full of volcanoes. In fact, in the opening sequence of the movie Tomb Raider 2: The Cradle of Life, an earthquake occurred in the island. Earthquakes are very common in locations with or near volcanoes.

    So what is it with this small island, which is home to just a few thousand people? First, it is ideal that you relive the history of this place by visiting the museums in Santorini. It actually has too many museums considering that it is just a very small island. One of the museums is the Archeological Museum in Fira. A lot of clay and marble artifacts excavated from the island can be found here. It is just a small museum which means that you will not get tired exploring the whole thing.

    Another museum you have to check out in your vacation in Santorini is the Museum of Prehistoric Thera. This is bigger compared to the Archeological Museum. All the things you will witness in this museum are discussed with full details. Santorini is also known for its delicious wines. The people of this place are very much aware of the goodness of their wine that they have decided to put up a museum dedicated for this drink-the Wine Museum Santorini. The tour you will get in this is museum is high-tech, interactive, and never boring. And you rarely get that from other museums.

    While other beaches take pride in their white sands, the beaches in Santorini are the opposite. They are very proud of their beaches with black sands. Perisa, Monolithos, and Kamari all have unique black sands, which look really good with their clear blue waters. Aside from swimming in these beaches, you can also do other activities such as jetskiing, surfing, sailing, and parasailing.

    Shopping will also not be a problem. In fact, if you love unique jewelry, antiques and artistic crafts such as vases and pots, then you may have found yourself a new shopping haven in Santorini.

    During your trips to Santorini, you can stay at different luxury hotels. One of them is the Pegasus Suites. There are only 15 rooms in this abode, but all of them are very special. Most of them even have their own Jacuzzi. Antique pieces of furniture in each hotel room are also a sight to behold. Other hotels you may want to check out are Icons, Honeymoon Petra, and the Mediterranean Royal.

    If you are looking to travel to Santorini already, you will have to fly to Athens first before you get a connecting flight to Santorini as there is no airline that offers a direct flight to this archipelago.

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