In Search of Incorruptible African Leadership

In Search of Incorruptible African Leadership
African leaders must rekindle the spirit and quality leadership of our founding fathers

AFRICANGLOBE – In the 21st century, whoever examines the leadership crises on the African continent seems to have a few questions which still remain unanswered: could there still be some incorruptible leaders out there which the continent must reach out to? If yes, why have they refused to step forward at a time when the African people need them most?

Why do people with strong moral backgrounds never seem to be interested in the political African discourse? Can Africans continue to leave the fate of their children in the hands of those greedy politicians that are seeking political power as a means to their financial breakthrough?

Shocking Documentary Portrays a Looming Crisis

A couple of days ago, while busily examining the ways in which the African youth can save the continent from the firm grip of corruption, neo-colonialism, bad leadership and the wasteful nature of our ‘democratic’ elections (as in Zambia where by-elections wastes huge chunk of taxpayers money), a friend of mine recommend l could be better off doing some research on the emerging trend where corporate institutions are rather facilitating the systems that worsen our woes in a more sophisticated manner.

In fact, just when l thought Africa is on cause to uproot corruption for good, l was shocked to discover that what we have witnessed for from previous years were just a tip of the iceberg. With the advent of science and technology, corporate greed and neo-colonialism still at work, African leaders are still looting the continent on a daily basis without a trace. Curiosity they say kills the cat. I began a journey in search of answers to help save mother Africa from the hands of these traitors.

There and then my attention was quickly drawn to some essential materials. On top on the list were:

1.“Hiding Africa’s Looted Funds: Silence of the Western Media”, a must read article written by Lord Aikins Adusei.

2.“How To Rob Africa”, an Al-Jazeera documentary by Zimbabwean undercover journalist Stanley Kwenda and Gahana’s Anas Aremeyaw Anas(a documentary I suggest every African youth must watch).

In “Hiding Africa’s Looted Funds”, the writer threw more light on how financial institutions here in Africa and abroad have been colluding with corrupt African leaders to rob the continent of her wealth; depositing these blood money somewhere in Europe and America without any media outrage whatsoever. Yet under their leadership, these are the very leaders who lead the crusade to solicit for more loans on behalf of the African people as if to say such loans are truly meant for our development. What fails to make the news is the percentage of such loans that end up in offshore bank accounts. It was very interesting reading the tall list of overseas financial institutions which have been collaborating with corrupt African leaders to steal African moneys for decades.

Perhaps the sad part is that many of these African leaders often die, leaving the huge sums of looted funds in offshore banks which is later confiscated by the Western politicians for their own use. As we speak today, all the billions of dollars that was stolen from Nigeria and recently in Libya have all gone ‘missing’. Nevertheless, the West have never made any accounts to Africa on the whereabouts of such moneys though many of such African leaders have long died and gone. For instance, what has happened to all those dollar accounts owned by African politicians secretly held in Swiss Banks? Has Europe made any effort to return these looted funds to Africa, though many of such African leader have long died and gone?

How To Rob Africa

While watching “How to Rob Africa”, I shed tears and wondered why the West have carefully designed such sophisticated schemes with the sole purpose of robing Africa of her wealth. I became completely astounded about the sophisticated nature in which corruption has eaten deep into the moral fibres of our leaders. What is more worrisome at the moment is the nature in which some fellow Africans are willing to collaborate with the perpetrators of these criminal activities while remaining anonymous.

Currently, it is said that the Caribbean is increasingly becoming the safe hideout for such looted funds from Africa. I am in touch with some organisations to help expose some of the politicians and other similar institutions involved in the looting of Africa.  

Old Age is Bad For African Leadership

In order to end the crisis, the old age-style leadership must end. The youth must be given the opportunity to exhibit their youthful exuberance at the leadership front. For many years, Africa has suffered enough from the hands of old men who never see the need to pave way for young and fresh ideas. This is despite the fact that many of the youth are beaming with fresh ideas and solutions. Our constitutions for instance have cupped the age requirement for the office of the president at 50 and above. This trend has completely side-lined all the youth from daring to venture into the highest offices on the continent.

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