Settlers Having A Little Fun In South Africa

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Settlers Having A Little Fun In South Africa
Nothing alarming or surprising here just some settlers showing what they think of the people whose land they stole

AFRICANGLOBE – Two South African students posted a photo of themselves in blackface, prompting a school disciplinary response and reigniting a social media conversation on racism in South Africa.

The photo of two women from the University of Pretoria dressed as Black domestic workers was deleted from Facebook, but was swiftly disseminated on Twitter. A university official said that the students would be disciplined for harming the school’s reputation.

The University of Pretoria (UP) has launched an investigation into “possibly” racist behaviour after two White female students were photographed in domestic worker outfits with Black paint smeared on their faces and arms.

“The investigation began yesterday,” UP spokeswoman Nicolize Mulder said on Wednesday.

“The university… will not tolerate any form of discrimination and/or racist behaviour by any of its staff or students. The behaviour by the students in the photographs is completely unacceptable.”

The picture, which had reportedly gone viral on social networking sites, was published in Beeld and The Times on Wednesday. It shows the two posing with padded bottoms.

Mulder said the picture was taken at a private 21st birthday party but because they were students at the institution, action would be taken.

“Because the students are registered UP students who by their actions brought the name of the university into disrepute, disciplinary steps against the students have been taken,” she said.

The South African Human Rights Commission said it was not investigating the case as it did not receive a complaint.

“We didn’t receive a complaint in this matter. We just learnt about it in the media,” said spokesman Isaac Mangena.


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  1. @ ರಘು ನಂದನ….if u want to understand what i am saying,flash back your memory and remember that dutch comedian who made fun of prophet mohamed(an insult to muslims worldwide)…he was eventually killed by an irritated muslim…i do agree that an eye for eye policy makes us blind but that only works for the first,second time offenders..after that the other person must feel what we is almost three hundred years since blacks were enslaved…i mean three hundred years…and by the way,what these two cunts did is a mockery of all black women worldwide not just south african women and on african make it worse,it is not the first time,a certain danish tennis player did the same to selena williams..for how long???

  2. Whites need to pay for there racist behaviours with their lives..a bullet should have been through their brains by now..enough is enough..

  3. We as black women have been mocked for centuries and will continue to be from jealous hateful white whores who enjoy black….that’s why they want to inject every thing they can in their bodies to get the more fuller versions and tan. Most of them despise black women.

  4. The bible said don’t trust the devil.. If you do, this will happen!! The only thing they are doing is showing is self hatred for themselves!!