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Sowing The Seeds Of Economic Freedom In South Africa


Sowing The Seeds Of Economic Freedom In South Africa
The EFF is the fastest growing political party in history

Adding: “Look at Zimbabwe: I can tell you that in 10 years, it will be the only independent country in Africa because it has taken control of its resources.”

Many people fear the backlash.

They fear waking up to empty shop shelves, largely emptied conveniently by large corporates that support them.

Zimbabwe experienced it.

Big shops that could import and sell at exorbitant prices, which they would have loved anyway, preferred not to because it served a purpose.

The people needed to be punished.

They needed to be starved so that they could make certain political decisions.

Zimbabwe is thus held up as a scarecrow to South Africa — and just about any country that may dare challenge the status quo.

Freedom Charter

Malema and his cohorts within the EFF may be disgruntled and even opportunistic former ANC elements but the compelling thing about them is the message they carry, especially in relation to the ANC’s Freedom Charter.

Let it be granted that Malema and co are ANC at heart — that is why he says he is ready to go to bed with the ANC on the question of expropriating land without compensation.

It can also be granted that most Africans drawn to the EFF are also actually ANC at heart.

What has been observed is the ANC becoming liberal with the interpretation and implementation of the Freedom Charter and preferring to be “gradualist” rather than radical.

EFF is radical.

It is now being freely described as “left of left”.

Another point: the EFF message of “economic freedom in our lifetime” actually came from Malema and his commissar and potential kingpin Floyd Shivambu’s days at the ANCYL.

The “Final document for the ANC Youth League 24th National Congress”, dated April 2011 shows the genesis of “economic freedom” now espoused by the EFF.

It is titled “A Clarion Call To Economic Freedom Fighters: Programme Of Action For Economic Freedom In Our Lifetime” (pdf).

It acknowledged the ANC as the revolutionary leader of South Africa and “inspires hope not only for the people of South Africa, but of the entire African continent and peoples of the oppressed world.”

The ANCYL sought to “re-identifying the immediate strategic mission and tasks which the national liberation movement should engage in towards realisation of a better life for all the people of SA.”

“This happens within a political programme aimed at realising real economic freedom and power in our lifetime.

“Economic freedom in our lifetime is not sloganeering, but acknowledgment of the burning urgency that presently, the ANC as a liberation movement needs to move with the necessary speed towards consolidation of economic freedom in our lifetime, which fundamentally entails the total realisation of the Freedom Charter objectives.”

There has been low-intensity haggling between some members of the present ANCYL and the erstwhile cadres now at EFF.

It is clear, though, that it is the EFF that carries the torch of economic freedom in South Africa’s lifetime.

And Malema on May 7 did plant the seeds for such a dispensation.


By: Tichaona Zindoga 


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