Tanzania's new Marketing Campaign to Increase Visitor Arrivals

The Tanzania Tourist Board (TTB) is currently working on an ambitious plan to re-brand the country’s image so as to attract more visitors to the nation’s abundant tourist sites, including wildlife reserves.

The re-branding project, which began last year, is an effort to distinguish Tanzania’s destinations from those of her competitors, and aggressively advertise the country as Africa’s prime tourism hub.

In addition to increased marketing of other aspects of tourism abroad, TTB intends to continue highlighting the allure of the country’s vast wildlife to bring in more visitors, and put more emphasis on cultural tourism.

TTB managing director, Dr Alloyce Nzuki said efforts were also being made to promote other sites, apart from the famous northern circuit. However, the challenge remained how to make the tourists easy access some new earmarked destinations, he said.

For example, Mwanza, one of the potential new destinations, needs a modern airport to facilitate air transportation. “Plans to expand the existing facility have been in the pipeline since the 1970s, but we still have the same old airport to-date,” noted Dr Nzuki.

Speaking to stakeholders of Cultural Tourism Programme (CTP) in Dar es Salaam recently, he emphasized the importance of tourism sector as a major contributor to the country’s economy, currently being the leading foreign exchange earner.

“The new brands will include those portraying Tanzania’s hospitality; we are developing an all-inclusive brand,” he said.

The CTP stakeholder forum expressed concern over lack of trained personnel in the tourism sector, particularly qualified tour guides.Mr Lepilal Ole Molloimet, a former legislator, said pollution in some tourist sites is detrimental to the industry, and calling on the authorities to address the matter.