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Western Countries Continue To Use Weapons Of Mass Destruction Against Africans

West's Weapons of Mass Destruction
Millions of Africans have died as a result of Western policy since the Berlin Conference

AFRICANGLOBE – Weapons of mass destruction range from small arms to nuclear warheads. In today’s life sanctions, diseases and global warming can easily be classified as WMDs.

Ironically, all these anti-human phenomena are in existence as a result of their creation by the West which sought to either dominate or wipe out other races from existence. Africa, Asia, South American are the world’s geographical areas that have suffered most the Western inflicted anti-human activities.

Today, global citizens, especially the youths and women who are the most affected by WMD such as small arms, sanctions, diseases and global warming, must interpret their enthusiasm and aspirations into activities which support the fight for freedom and global peace.  People should fight to live in a world of non proliferation of WMDs.

The insecurity and unstable environment that exist in Africa, Asia and South America is largely because of production and use of WMD which is perpetrated by the West.  Africa is perhaps one of the most glaring examples of how the Western imperialists use the most Machiavellian means to continue their imperialist depredations, by turning to their contrivance the ambitions of power-thirsty politicians and ethnic divisions.

Kwame Nkrumah noted that “The liquidation of imperialist-colonialism in Africa is in itself a profound act of peace, while the unity of this continent will constitute a great bulwark for the positive stabilisation of world amity and concord”

In 1938, a racist Western theorist, Stuart Charles Mill, had the temerity of telling Jomo Kenyatta that Africans must be proud of European “civilisation” that dawned the African continent through colonisation and stopped Africa’s tribal wars.

However, Kenyatta asked him how civil was the use of guns (small arms) that kill and continues to kill people in large numbers as compared to traditional African spear that killed one person at a time.

In fact, the traditional spear or arrow’s effectiveness in destroying its target depended on how it was thrown and could easily be shielded off by the opposite side which the bullet was not. Kenyatta then told Mills that it was the West that corrupted Africa through the sell of arms in exchange of Africa’s precious minerals such as gold, copper etc. Kenyatta made it clear that civilisation was never synonymous with violence and/or use of it.

Kenyatta argued that the prime users of force were the western imperialist. Lumumba, Nyerere and Kenyatta all observed that if the international law was objective and not framed simply to legalise western loot of colonised states’ resources, there would be no need for it. These Pan-Africanists were against the use of WMD perpetrated by the West on Africans, Asians and South Americans through the evil colonial practices.

They however, held the perfect rights to fight for colonised states birthrights of freedom and ownership of land that had been filched from colonised states and illegally withheld by the West employing WMD as protection tools.

In the Western quest to dominate and control the world, huge sums of money were invested for the invention of WMD.  The colonial imperialists invented the gun power and atomic bombs as tools of human destruction to be used against those who resisted the imperial domination and their greedy need for resources. The use of atomic bombs at Pearl Harbor, Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

Do people still remember the devastating effects of the atomic bombs and France’s nuclear tests on the shores of the Sahara that eventually caused diseases and land degradation?

Today Africa, Asia and South America continue to suffer from the effects of WMD such as small arms, sanctions and global warming. The West imposed sanctions on countries they perceived to be challenging their world domination and continued looting of natural resources. Countries like Zimbabwe, Iran and Syria are the worst affected by the western use of WMD such as small arms and illegal sanctions.

The whole world is affected by the global warming caused by mainly western industrialised countries who are reluctant to employ measures/strategies that would mitigate the pollution of the ozone layer. The pollution of the ozone layer is now responsible for extreme typhoons and droughts resulting in killing of millions of people. The production and use of WMD is made possible by two scenarios.

The first scenario is where the West’s immeasurable quantities of money, not to talk about the waste of energy, brains, production space and productive capacity, are put into the manufacturing and explosion of the most lethal weapons of destruction that man has ever bent his ingenuity to devise. This is a fair comment on Western civilisation that this should be regarded as its highest pinnacle of achievement while millions of the world’s population in Asia, Africa and South America, even in Europe and America exist on the fringe of bare substance.

Nkrumah said: “How excellent it would be if, instead of preparing for the destruction of mankind, one biggest part of the means financing it could be used in rapid development of the less developed parts of the world and thus destroy colonialist-imperialism forever. The question that arise is: Is it not a sad reflection on the leadership of those nations that they should have within their reach the power for doing good and yet refuse to adjust themselves to the opportunity of making effective their ability for this good?

I hope this question also challenges everyone in Zimbabwe in position of business or political leadership to examine his or her actions whether they are contributing to the common good of his or her organisation and the country.


By: Panganai Kahuni 

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