Zimbabwe: Western Imperialists in a Quandary

EU sanctions on Zimbabwe
The EU is attempting to divide Zimbabweans by using privileges

AFRICANGLOBE – The West which imposed iniquitous economic sanctions on Zimbabwe today finds itself trapped in mbira dzakondo (both hands and legs tied together) for no one else’s fault but their own.

The aim of the hurriedly convened re-engagement talks between Zimbabwe and Britain in London was an attempt by the hypocritical British government to salvage a modicum of respectability from a civilised progressive world clearly exasperated at the manner in which Zimbabwe has been slapped with punitive and, in a superlative sense, the most crippling economic sanctions a former colonial power and its allies known to have visited upon erstwhile colony and for reasons that can only plausibly be put down to racism.

The oppressors of Zimbabwe have decided pretentiously to wear their fake concern on the sleeves for Zimbabweans reeling from the effects of the illegal economic embargo by reconstituting themselves into so-called Friends of Zimbabwe with input into the reengagement talks. However, right thinking people must remain sceptical as to whether time will immortalise this “friend” misnomer, sudden intrusion into the lexicon of international relations as nothing but a monumental cover up of the West’s blatant racism against Zimbabwe’s resolve to aggregate the benefits of its revolution by putting more morsels of food into hungry mouths, but which a cruel West wants taken out for our people to starve to death.

But where were those self-anointed Friends of Zimbabwe when Great Britain and the United States imposed ruinous sanctions on our people with other countries in Western Europe following suit, like puppets on a string, as retribution for undertaking land reforms. The Zanu-PF Government repossessed parts of the commercial farms held by White setlers for equitable distribution among the landless Zimbabwean majority.

The strange misnomer forced into the vocabulary of unsuspecting public is nothing but a cover up of the West continuing political and economic monstrosities against Zimbabweans whose social and economic welfare is in virtual ruin, thanks to those evil sanctions. Despite these biting sanctions our people have remained stoic, robust — a legacy of the armed revolution that made us weather any atrocious weather encountered as the armed struggle progressed.

If the above were not so, President Mugabe and some of his party members and service chiefs would have been removed from the sanctions list along with those Zimbabwean companies.

But no, President Mugabe continues to be viewed as the West’s political and economic nemesis along with those other leaders still encircled in red by the imperialists. The retention of the Zimbabwe Mining Development Corporations and the Zimbabwe Defence Industries on the EU sanctions list should not have come as a surprise to any of our people.

This is because the ZMDC is regarded in the West as a goose whose golden eggs have the potential to offset the draconian effects of the sanctions on Zimbabwe, while ZDI and the army form a lynchpin of the defence of Zimbabwe’s independence and sovereignty.

In a nutshell, therefore, the West’s war against Zimbabwe, in particular against President Mugabe and his party continues with the object of removing Zanu-PF from power.

In retrospect, any Zimbabweans welcoming the reengagement talks should not be mistaken for quislings being grateful to their former coloniser unless, of course, deep in their hearts they know that they run with the hares here and hunt with imperialist hounds. What appears indisputable is that by celebrating the talks they actually are offering a moral incentive to the British to stop playing hide and seek, assisted by their cousins, and scrap all the remaining sanctions as a point of departure toward lasting future relations between the two countries.

Zimbabwe Land Reform White Farmers
Before Zimbabwe’s land reform some White settlers owned land the size of small countries

At the same time it must be stated with equanimity that should the talks fail Zimbabwe has nothing much to lose. The country has lost so much already as result of the sanctions and cannot expect worse to happen now.

While that is so, the West specifically Britain, should be warned timeously that any continued obdurate stance in her negotiations for an amicable resolution of the impasse with Zimbabwe could boomerang on Britain by quashing any slim chance that remains for the two countries to make bygones be bygones and enjoy more fruitful relations in the future.

That opportunity might, however, be squandered by the host government buying time by turning the re-engagement in talks about talks in hope that by the time the harmonised elections take place the remaining sanctions will have wreaked havoc on what remains of the economy so much so that the electorate will be angry with President Mugabe and his party over the embargo and then vote them out of the political limelight.

The Western imperialists appear to be driven by a tragic illusion which makes them believe that because they are White, Africans believe whatever they say is bad and will proceed to reject it as well. Which translates into this: if Whites say President Mugabe or any other African leader should not be allowed to continue in power, Africans will sing the hallelujah chorus. But they are hopelessly misguided in their thinking.

l Stephen Mpofu is former editor of the Chronicle, and The Sunday Mail.

Nothing could be further from the truth, however, and the majority of Zimbabweans, who matter the most, are not puppets of the West to bite the hand that feeds them and has provided land for more food to be produced to maximize morsels on their plates as has been the case with the land reform programme.

In any case, Zimbabwe has given land back to the people, thereby restoring their stolen inalienable right to an inheritance that should replicate itself without end, like a sea that never dries up.

Zimbabweans who may not have been born or were still young to appreciate racial atrocities visited upon their parents or brothers by the White colonial regime have a bitter taste of a similar racial atrocity brought to bear on them in the form of economic sanctions imposed on a democratic government for ending a legacy of White racism. Under the colonial era, Africans were relegated to second class citizens by White foreigners who came to this country carrying no pieces of land on their backs.

It is this present crop of Zimbabweans and future generations who will punish future British generations for the sins of their fathers.

Thus, future relations between Zimbabweans and generally those countries at war with us economically and politically will be informed by the history now in the making.