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10 Influential Black Leaders Assassinated For Their Beliefs


10. Martin Luther King Jr.

AFRICANGLOBE – The life and times of some of the greatest Black leaders ended abruptly due to a number of assassinations, and even though the tactic is gruesome, some see it as a necessary action to take against leaders who challenge their views or popularity. Ironically, the murders have turned many slain leaders into timeless heroes. With several influential Black leaders having been assassinated in recent history, here are highlight of 10 icons and their respective legacies.

Martin Luther King Jr. was an African-American leader born in January 15, 1929, as the second child of Martin Luther King Sr. (1899-1984). A Baptist minister and social activist, Dr. King Jr. played an important role in the history of the American Civil Rights Movement. A brilliant and dogged fighter, he advocated — up to his death — equal rights for all, no matter the color or race. Dr. King preached for an egalitarian society but adopted a peaceful and nonviolent approach to the struggle. He later became a thought leader and was the youngest person ever to win the Nobel Peace Prize. He was assassinated while standing on the balcony of a motel in Memphis.