Home Headlines 10 Reasons Why Trump’s Win Is ‘White Supremacy’s Last Stand In America’

10 Reasons Why Trump’s Win Is ‘White Supremacy’s Last Stand In America’

10 Reasons Why Trump's Win Is 'White Supremacy's Last Stand In America'
White people in America are in a fighting mood and their attention is squarely focused on Black people.

AFRICANGLOBE – Political commentator Danielle Moodie-Mills doesn’t believe sexism played as large a role in Hillary Clinton’s tragic loss as most left wing pundits have claimed.

“I do not believe that this is people saying I couldn’t possibly have a woman in this role,” Mills told CNC News following Trump’s big win.

“This is so much bigger than that,” she continued. “…and I will say it because I have literally nothing left to lose tonight.. this is literally white supremacy’s last stand in America.”

Mills then explained what that looks like, referencing infamous incidences of Trump’s campaign, as well as the far right’s inexcusable agenda:

1. “This looks like Black people being pushed out of rallies…”

2. “a young boy with cerebral palsy.. having his wheelchair kicked and being brought to the front of the line..”

3. “gerrymandering and redistricting who can vote and who can’t vote..”

4. “closing polls early” and then suing districts for keeping polls open…

5. “the Supreme Court gutting the voting rights act…”

6. acknowledging how “the system was rigged for [the white working class] to succeed.”

7. subjecting others to a “hatred on a level that we have not seen since Jim Crow..”

8. caring more about Clinton’s likability than “how deep our hatred was…”

9. letting “the Tea Party weasel their way into Congress… into the governorships [without] conversation…”

10. letting Trump “[stoke] every fire, [light] every bridge, and just open the floodgates” to America’s racist underbelly, beginning with birtherism, only to become President.


By: Alexandra Rosenmann


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