11-Year-Old Carson Huey-You Admitted as College Freshman

11-Year-Old Carson Huey-You Admitted as College Freshman
11-Year-Old Carson Huey-You

AFRICANGLOBE – In a plot point straight out of Doogie Howser (or, rather, pretty much the literal plot of Doogie Hoswer), 11-year-old Carson Huey-You has been admitted to Texas Christian University as an incoming freshman. Again, he’s only 11-years old.

So to put it in context, right around the time you were just starting to like the opposite sex enough to be scared of them, Huey-You is going to be studying physics. And just to make you further feel bad about both your childhood and honestly maybe your adulthood too, Huey-You will be studying  quantum physics, more specifically.

In addition to his science study, Huey-You will be taking calculus, history and religion—making it a full-load of semesterly college courses. He is currently the youngest student the University has ever had.

“It’s fun because it’s basically just like high school, but in a big campus…with a lot more people,” Huey-You said when speaking to Fort Worth Fox-11 news.

Huey-You was co-valedictorian of his senior class, scored a near-perfect 1770 on his SAT, speaks Mandarin Chinese and plays the piano. According to his mother, he was able to read by age one.By five, he was doing pre-algebra, and eventually calculus, which he says relaxes him.

If he stays on the track that his teachers and parents predict, and graduates within the next four to five years, Huey-You will have his college diploma before he gets his driver’s license. Parallel parking, I suspect, shouldn’t be too difficult to master.


By: Rod Bastanmehr


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