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12-Year-Old Rapper Charged With Felony For Selling His CDs At A Mall


12-Year-Old Rapper Charged With Felony For Selling His CDs At A Mall
This is a war on Black children.

AFRICANGLOBE – Rapper Corey Jackson, better known as Lil C-Note, appeared in court on February 12 to face felony charges after being arrested for selling CDs at Atlanta’s Cumberland Mall. Atlanta’s CBS46 spoke to Jackson and his lawyer Mawuli Davis, who said the charges include obstruction of an officer, disorderly conduct with violence, and criminal trespassing.

Jackson has become something of a viral celebrity over the past few years, appearing on The Ellen Show in March 2017 to discuss his success selling his albums in places like Wal-Mart.

In October 2018, Jackson shared a video on his Instagram page of him being apprehended by an officer, who said the young rapper would be sent to a youth detention center if he didn’t stop selling his CDs. The video is taken by Jackson’s aunt, who appears to get in a physical altercation with the cop, though the details are unclear.

“The fact that he snatched me and was trying to drag me around like I’m some criminal that’s stealing, robbing or killing is crazy,” Jackson wrote in the video caption. “But the worst part is he trying to charging me with a felony [for] putting my hands on a police offer. He says I tried to break his fingers, he say I cursed [at] him and he says I pushed him!”

According to the New York Post, Jackson had previously received a “criminal trespass warning.” Cobb County Police Chief Mike Register explained to the Marietta Daily Journal what the warning meant as far as possible legal action against Jackson.

“What that meant is if they caught the young man back on the premises of Cumberland Mall selling CDs, then they would request that the police make a criminal trespass case (against) the young man,” Register said. “The officer was simply trying to get information and make a determination if a crime was occurring. During that interaction, the juvenile continued to be verbally resistant.”

In his young career, Jackson has already spent time around 21 Savage, Young Thug, and Birdman. Since his arrest, artists like T.I. have publicly supported Jackson.

“Basically, it’s our Black kids getting picked on. You know if that was a white kid, nothing would’ve ever happened,” T.I. said at a press conference with Jackson in January.

Per Okayplayer, protests have taken place at the Cumberland Mall, with people who support Jackson chanting “Justice for Corey J.”


By: Grant Rindner


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